Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nokia Gem, Concept phone with double-sided full-touchscreen

May be related to the celebration of 25 years of Nokia Research center , a new phone called Nokia accordance with this, we have the name Nokia is Kinect or human form, but Gem has its own uniqueness.

Nokia Gem, a cell phone, whose whole body is a touch screen. Users can combine images, text, or interaction with the cell phone of any part, front and rear.

No more housing or cover protects the phone. So that the body is as a screen or display. According to a message on the back of the phone is present, may also increase with on both sides (duplex) mobile phones. With this function, we can see the map on the front side and spun him to the back of the map to see details.
According to the head of the senior design team from Nokia developers who also chairs the Gem, Jarkko Saunamäki, when demand for Gem camera itself is like a camera to watch. Gem can also display 3D images allow us to look in all directions.
The unit will be a gem for precious stones of several pages, as it has also developed a project and still has / to be true again polished products on the market.

Let's see if this phone will indeed become a reality or not. Watch the video if you want to know about Nokia Gem.

Nokia GEM: 21st century mobile jewel