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Top Tips to Keep Android Device Secured and Safe

Android is never recommended in companies, because of its security problems. The open source platform dominates the mobile consumer market but due to its slow security, it lags behind Apple's iOS based on the number of activation in the corporate world as highlighted by suppliers of mobile device management leading.

Personal smartphones used by employees prompted the BYOD revolution and businesses are having a hard time managing devices to access work data elsewhere.
Android susceptibility to malware and its known lack of safety features at the enterprise level businesses got a fix software. Therefore, analysts always recommend keeping Android devices secured by implementing the following tips.

Always lock your Android device.
This is obvious, but there are people who avoid the hassle of typing the PIN code each time they access the phone. If your Android phone is stolen, this is an open book - a book that can disclose information critical work public sources.

It can even lock any smartphone running Android 4.0 or new functionality using the new release of the face. It is not really airtight - and may sell with a photo - but would have improved versions of the application are said to be implemented.

Locking the model is also a useful feature to access the device. Draw designs security lock is not optimal. The patterns can be detected by holding the screen at the right angle. But still, there is a "safe cleaning" function that limits access attempts made​​.

Install antivirus software
People think they are protected against viruses and malware automatically particularly as they are used for smartphones. But it could be disastrous for the company if you hold the sensitive and critical information.

The number of applications included in the App Store indicates that nasty malware is bound to sneak in a smartphone or a site loaded with viruses could be ready to infect his time visitor.

It is recommended that Android users download the package TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security as it happens with a strong anti-malware protection, helps secure web browsing, and comes with a system manager to enable monitoring of the allocation of resources.

Always use encryptionData encryption helps protect sensitive information spyware and unwanted thieves. Just go to Settings, Location & security, and enable data encryption. Users can even encrypt important files to their devices.

Never download applications from unsolicited e-mails and unknown
Mobile devices are more "personal" so curious users are known to follow the links emails mysteries that could make devices that malware, leakage of personal information and, most importantly, data theft of company. Applications should not be downloaded from websites you're not sure, always download applications that are well reviewed by other users. Some research can save you a lot of problems every day.

Always check the permissions applications
The versatility of Android also allows dangerous. This is because developers can play with permissions, so there are many ways for an application to allocate a device. User must check which application can do especially to their data. The time spent being careful worth it!
Android is now the most popular operating system in the world of mobile devices, but some common threats targeting on Android devices. More than a billion mobile devices are running on Android application development services.

HTML 5 Matters in Mobile App Development

While Android and iOS are the mobile operating system from two, to make a wave in the industry of mobile application development. If we talk about other operation, the native application, such as creating sophisticated system, windows, and others, and he also made the effort to get up the market app. On the other hand, because of the increasing demand for mobile applications, there are innovations and forecasting methods constants into the market in 2014 Recently Apple launches fastest who is the example of the new programming language from Apple. I believe that HTML5 is one of the most powerful and feature-rich tool for the development of mobile applications and web applications.
HTML5 is the only technology that provides an easy way to applications in the mobile industry to develop. There are several tools for the development of mobile applications in the industry that support the HTML5 language. My mobile phone tool Gap of knowledge about the development of the application is one of the best cross-platform tools that rely heavily on the language HTML5. HTML5 is here to provide a great solution for all challenges in the industry of mobile application development. Developers can integrate many features and functions in the application of this technology. The main reason for the success of HTML5 is that the degree of flexibility, programmers can in any environment especially as unemployment insurance, the development, with a script and others. Here are some of the main reasons why HTML5 to discuss the development of mobile applications.

Developers can add various functions
There are many areas on the market, the development of applications that the developers had several functions within the application include. I believe that HTML5 is the ideal technology to something that could change several things in no time start, so that the center of attraction. There was also effective applications with better use started chrome shop, the extensive hiking HTML5 development at the company developing mobile applications such as mobilepundits was.

Facilitate the development
There are several mobile scripts; Codes, and processes in the development of native during the installation of the functional part in applications that it is difficult to develop mobile applications makes used. But for HTML5 mobile applications, the process is much easier because it will be installed functional parts that can be easily used in java script tools. HTML5-based application hosting is also more cost effective when your application receives prestigious popularity in the App Store. On the other hand, if you want to publish your native app in the App Store, you must follow different policies and terms of duration. Chrome stores numerous mobile and web-based applications based on HTML5 technology applications.

Developers easily accessible
For each type of development you should dedicated developers who can complete your project successfully be hired. HTML5 is one of the most popular tools among developers development, so you should be easy to find in a position to be developers. On the other hand, it is difficult dedicated Android or iOS, and even if available to find developers, then there is a constant demand high prices. So HTML5 is also becoming a profitable language in the development and with regard to the setting.

Overview of iOS Development

Compared to Android smartphones, Android phones have great demand. Therefore, considering the future of the window industry development and the development of iOS will be the main attraction.

Based on user feedback, windows iOS offers the best user experience. Many mobile devices are commercially available, including; Apple's smartphones are hot compared to androids. The right combination of design and user-friendly windows apple iOS development single ahead of Android.

This increased sales compared to iOS iPad. Most iOS devices sold by Apple itself. The Windows operating system is perfectly suited for the iPhone. Later, their enhanced to provide support for other devices like the Apple I pad functionality, Apple TV and I Pod Touch.

Windows iOS development services can be easily downloaded to share 30 shares in the market for smartphones. Based on the concept of multi-touch, this operating system has everything you need for a user interface that includes buttons, switches and sliders features. Applications developed quickly using iOS development respond to user activity.

Some gestures like pinch, reverse pinch, sweeping and tap have different characteristics with respect to the iOS development and multi-touch interface windows. Based on different models and versions of Windows iOS development, space on the device varies.

IOS application development:
Here are some resources that can be used to learn how to develop iOS applications:

Application Development Guide: This is the easiest to learn and develop intelligent form iOS applications. Provides complete step by step and includes all the basics, tutorials to create iOS apps. Reading this give you an exact idea of ​​the concept of development and an idea about the iOS development tools that Mac App Store, Xcode etc
Development Centre: This is the one stop shop for all your development needs. Provides various samples of development, several elements, including audio and video, data management, graphics, animations and mathematics.
iPhone User Interface Guidelines: Before developing any application, a developer must think about their interaction with end users and ensure that developed applications offer a better user experience. These small issues play an important role in the development of such a bad application user experience can lead to failure of the application. Always think like a user before creating any application.

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Spybubble Mobile phones Monitoring Application Advantages

Have your children, partner or find staff acting suspiciously? Have you been wondering about everything they do behind their own back? It's easy. You are running in a position to spy cell phone program. What exactly is spy mobile application? As a general guide spy mobile phone application is the software that has a function to check a specific phone secretly. Users only need to apply the program in the target cell phone. There are several variants of mobile spy software you can find. It's like Spybubble Pro.

Spybubble Pro has become the best rated phone spy applications. The program offers you the opportunity to keep track of a particular mobile phone in real time from your PC. When using the application, you should apply the program to the preferred smartphone before delivery for your specific destination. Most commonly it is workers who. Using the mobile phone organization and spouse

Here are a few features that are presented by Spybubble Pro. The first ability will ensure that your children where they are. You can make sure if they come once in the area, as described, or they go to another place without you realizing it. Parents also think it is important, because if their children are abusing their mobile phone application or can not verify. Once you see your companion looks suspicious, you can get the truth.

If you about why you have to try Spybubble per think there are many reasons why it is more recommended instead of other programs. The software is developed with major cell phone monitoring technology. The technology is the implementation to provide information and evidence to the users and take the confusion or even doubt. You will., By providing the accurate and true evidence of what did or said target company The program is very preferable for some users. They are, for example, employers and parents. The company can use the program to evaluate the responsibility for their workers. If you give yourself business mobile device, it is recommended that you put in this software. You will be able to review the work of your workers. A number of employees are violating the Terms of enterprise mobile phone for their personal needs. You are able to verify that they work really hard through which the prospective client or working errands. The software supports, the contact and the activity of the staff to analyze with less charge.

Parents are also able to monitor their sons and daughters. With the application, mothers and fathers have the ability to keep track of whether their sons and daughters are effective or otherwise use their smartphone to keep. It is easy to determine if your child stop using a mobile phone. The program provides the information on which to entertain the kids, or the way they. Use their mobile cyberspace You will observe in the situation, the children hobby and communication to ensure that they are safe and not harmful guy. Spybubble Pro is also good option for those who are suspicious to believe against their loved one. The software is easy to perform. You will learn in a position where they go, people to contact them, and who they send. Spybubble Pro gets easy and affordable way to keep an eye on your employees and family members. You no longer need to use expensive private detectives.

Xiaomi becomes China's top smart phone vendor

In the second quarter of 2014, the world's largest smartphone market, China accounted for 37% of global shipments - some 108.5 million units. The five suppliers in China this quarter were all but one local company. And perhaps even more impressively, continues that home-grown success in the Top 10, where eight suppliers were Chinese. In a little over a year Xiaomi overtaking Samsung has to be the niche for leading smartphone vendor in the world's biggest market, quantitatively increased in Q2. Xiaomi took a share of 14% in China, on the back of 240% year on year growth. With Lenovo, Yulong, Huawei, BBK, ZTE, OPPO and K-Touch, the eight Chinese players in the top 10 accounted for a total of 70.7 million units and a market share of 65%. Samsung and Apple, the only international supplier in the top 10 accounted for shipments of 20.0 million units, representing 18% of the total smartphone market in China. 

"This is a phenomenal success for Xiaomi," said Shanghai-based Canalys Research Analyst Wang Jingwen. "There is no doubt helped this by expected time, under-strength Samsung performance during the quarter, but that's only half the story -. Xiaomi has run on its strategy to grow the volume of shipments It has delivered compelling products at aggressive prices. concentrated mainly on the locally relevant MIUI software functions and services, backed by effective targeted marketing. particular its affordable RedMi area is booming and is the driver for growth, despite less attracting global media attention as its flagship Mi products. But it must now must LTE products to supply in China to respond to the growing demand for 4G services, when it retain its momentum. "

97% of the Xiaomi Q2 shipments were in the People's Republic of China. It is now looking to expand into other markets in sight for the second half of the year, with Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand and Turkey. "His aggressive pricing model is certainly beyond China resonance, but the challenge it is in scaling its successful model on a global stage should not be underestimated," said Singapore-based analyst Jessica Kwee. "Xiaomi needs to build its international brand, and will offer his services to locate with MIUI for the various markets in which it expands, otherwise its differentiation, value proposition and service-oriented revenue sources are being eroded. And it has its marketing and on-line distribution channels largely adapted accordingly. Namely, Xiaomi has the potential to make a destructive force on China and international providers should take note. "

Samsung slide to second place in China for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2011 and 15% compared to the previous year, down rapidly reflects changing demand towards 4G mobile phones, supported by an ongoing pressure from China Mobile behind its 4G services. Samsung's efforts to its channel inventory realign changes in demand during the quarter to meet led to a reduction in the total shipment numbers, which is not expected Q3 2014 affect to a similar extent, although with the market in China, more competitive, is it will not be easy to restore leadership. Meanwhile, Apple had a relatively strong year-on-year performance by 58%, from the position of the iPhone helped one of the few high-end device options available for consumers looking to use 4G services by China Mobile. 

Shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2014 292.4 million smartphones, which 23% year on year growth and growth of 5% in the first quarter. Despite the challenges in China, Samsung retained its global leadership with a share of 26%, although the lowest global share in two and a half years - down from 32% in Q2 2013 and 31% in the first quarter of 2014 it was still in front of Apple (12%), Huawei (7%) and Lenovo (5%). Strong domestic performance Xiaomi brought it to complete in the global top five with a share of 5%. 

Remarkably, a solid performance from Motorola, helped mainly by the success of the Moto G, it looked achieve a tenth place overall ranking with a share of 3%. Although acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Lenovo of Google is not yet completed, it is expected soon, and the combination of the two suppliers' shipments gives an insight into the market position they hold together in the coming quarters. Between them, Lenovo and Motorola delivered 24 1 million smartphones in Q2 2014, what a comfortable third place position on the world market and a share of 8%. and while the People's Republic of China absorbed 84% of global shipments of Lenovo in the second quarter of 2014 in connection with Motorola, this number drops to 54%, with Brazil, the USA, India and Mexico all see significant item numbers.

Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact

A phone believed to be the Sony Xperia Z3 already passed through the FCC in the USA and now a handset bearing the same model number has slammed his on the Russian equivalent, this time in addition to what the Xperia Z3 could be compact. 
The listing was spotted by Russian site and mentioned the Sony D6633 D6603 and that. Probably both versions of the Z3, as well as the D5803, the Z3 can be compact probably. 
There is also talk of a D2403, which is rumored to be a water-resistant version of the Sony Xperia M2. Other than adding further evidence to support the existence of all these mobile phones and suggesting that they may soon be launched this advert betrayed not much, but separately some new pictures that may, originated from the Xperia Z3 Compact. 

They were published to Baidu and sighted by XperiaBlog, but similar in spite of the search earlier pictures of the Z3 Compact simply 'Z3' tagged. They do not look quite the same as other images of the Z3 though, so it is likely that "Compact" was missed just from the name, or failing that it could be a prototype. 
In any case, the images show the sides of the unit, highlighting a Micro-USB port on one side and a microSD card slot and SIM slot on the other, the, to cover all hatches them. 
The latest rumors suggest the Xperia Z3 Compact could be an exciting device, be with talk of a 4.6-inch full-HD display, a Snapdragon processor 801, 3GB of RAM and a 20.7MP camera and making it to the best-equipped "mini". 
The full fat Z3 on the other hand sounds less like an upgrade, with rumors suggesting that there may be only a small improvement over the Sony Xperia Z2. 
The Z3 could be the iPhone 6 have for companies when it launches.

Huawei working to develop 5G technology

As people around the world to get used in the fourth generation (4G) mobile technology, the Chinese supplier Huawei Technologies, he said to the fifth generation (5G), which probably works to 2020 are available. 

The company said 200 people currently working on the project and it has provided a certain amount for the research and development of technology. It, however, refused to share details about the amount to be invested for the development of technology. 

Huawei Technologies official Wen Tong said that by 2020, there will be billions of connections and 5G can ensure massive connectivity. The technology will enable people to have a fiber network like user experience on a wireless connection. 

It can create speed of 10 Gbps, which is 100 times faster than that mobile technology is used in these days, added Tong. 

South Korean giant Samsung has also announced that it has successfully tested 5G technology and it will be ready for commercial roll-out in 2020. 

Mobile operators around the world have begun the road to high-speed Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G networks and Huawei provides equipment to 85 such networks. 

The company is also conducting a trial run to test the speed on the 4G technology on high-speed magnetic levitation train in Shanghai. 

Huawei has set up an LTE network to support wireless connectivity on the train that runs between the center of Shanghai's International Airport. The total distance is 31 km and the train reaches a speed of up to 431 km per hour. 

The company said on this speed can its 4G technology offer a download speed of up to 50 Mbps.

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How to Create a Smartphone App with Easy Steps?

To promote a product in the market, must be brought to the attention of potential buyers. The same rule applies evenly and everywhere in the business world. People from different backgrounds often enter the business of different things and hence the customer interest is in separate spheres. That said, it is also true that there has been a lot of competitors in the same field. Sometimes it's with some areas that have more than the required levels of competence. This has increased the competition at higher levels, where the use of technology has become imminent. People with the right talent are using their best brains to come up with phone apps to meet this competition. 
Enabling applications through a variety of people 
As a business person or a person with knowledge of the technology, it has become easier to build phone applications, across different platforms. The smartphone apps can help improve the quality of the promotion of competition and also give you an edge with a personal touch. How to create a smartphone application is now a big problem because a lot of templates are in vain. But people need to study some basic that goes with good ideas for applications early. These are very easy steps to make the application builder Windows Phone can be incorporated with some features as for me, contact details and content. These contents may vary through simple written elements to videos and useful animations. In the present scenario, it will be good to have a study of this nature, so that one can build applications with ease and in very less time. 

Finding concepts and their applications initially to work in a better way 
So that the way to create a smartphone application, people should try to find easy solutions on concepts first. Here is where you can get the idea of ​​putting in applications. These have to be easy to use and should be of practical sense to people. These agreements will help in building a good demand for applications and then the phone application builder Windows is always there for use by them for use in the required format. Through this use, they can reach a large number of applications, which will be in use for a wide range of other mobile and phones. 

Sympathy for the use of application platforms 
Another factor that must be maintained in creating a smartphone application is that the sympathy of the application. This is something that becomes important in the long-term process of using that particular application, and can even be shared across platforms. There are many things one can learn in the smartphone application building, but they are also required to be implemented with the beauty and the demand of the situation. Therefore, understanding the application builder Windows Phone will help a lot to people in the creation of innovative ideas.

Important accessories and apps for HTC phone

Since its creation in 1997, HTC has combined innovation with technology. When it comes to mobile devices, OEM brand, HTC is one of the most popular players in the market. The company has diversified with the introduction of a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets Android and comes installed with the Windows operating system. Behind every product launch HTC he runs a research and intense development. 

Global demand for mobile has been an upward curve upward as more and more people are opting to buy phones made by HTC. Like their phones, accessories are also quite unique. Using these accessories can easily improve the phone application and use conveniently. Moreover, there are also some important applications with the help of which you can use your phone for many purposes. 
When dealing with accessories, a number of items that are available. The cases of the phones come in different qualities. Some of them are made of silicone, some metal, while some of them are made from peaches. But everything depends on the user how he or she wants to use the phone. For example: a sheet or cover can be used if the phone is taken frequently in and out of pocket. 
Buying headphones with a 3.5 mm produces adequate sound quality and can also handle properly. Most ear buds, HTC 's come with EarPods silicone that fits easily into the ear. Moreover, unlike other mobile headset Tangle so easily. The HTC car kit consists of a number of accessories from a crib to a charger. With the purchase of a kit of this type makes it easy for customers to use the phone inside a car. 
There are few particular applications with the help of which one can stay updated and can make good use of mobile phones HTC. Radio Tune Pro is a software that can be installed on a HTC phone. The software is compatible with all operating system types that are present in the phone. Play more than 7000 radio stations; therefore the user can tune any station according to their choice. 
Viber is an application with the help of which one can make calls and send messages at no cost can also be installed. This application allows the user to easily connect to all mobile phone users that have Viber installed on their cell phones. It is very easy to install on all phones running on the Android operating system. Snapseed is a photo editing software which consists of various tools morphing and improve image quality. It's much better software even Instagram. 
If you want to protect all important data on your mobile phone, then you must install the Prima Lookout Mobile Security. This software prevents any virus or malware from inside the phone. It even provides a free space of 2GB.

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Reasons to Choose a Dual Sim Phone

We now live in what many people play on a "digital age", with the technology to speak in one way or another a significant role in almost every single facet of normal life. Consider, for example, mobile phones, it's hard to consider that, strictly speaking, mobile phones have not been around as long. Well, as much as mobile phones are concerned, it is risk-free to declare that the smartphone has revolutionized and changed the way we see cellulars forever, so they. An essential part of daily life If you would have told someone 10 years ago that you would like the ability to buy things with your phone, and transfer money from one account to another with your phone number, they would have thought that you're mad, even if we re here . Many people actually have more than one SIM card, with multiple people using one for business, and a are known for their private life, as cell phones is really so popular. The problem with having two SIM cards is the fact that you need two mobile phones. Well, with a dual-SIM phone that does not have to be a problem, such as dual SIM phones take more than one SIM card at a time. For this reason, buying a Dual SIM mobile phone could be quite perfect. If you are not sure, yet, here are four reasons to pick out a dual-SIM phones.

Better Coverage - Dual-SIM phones can on numerous networks, meaning the work you stand a better chance of network coverage.

You only need a phone - If you've ever carried out two phones at the same time, you will understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be sometimes the devil is hard enough, a mobile phone, no matter two. Well, with a dual-SIM phone, you need only one phone at a time, regardless of the fact that you basically really taking two at once.

Better battery life - Another wonderful thing about Dual SIM mobile phones is the fact that they allow you to appreciate longer battery life and more. This does not apply for all dual SIM phones clearly one or not, but like most dual SIM phones are of a slightly lower spec than some models, the battery life is often improved as a result. Although smartphones are amazing to watch, battery life drain from 100% to 20% within a few minutes can sometimes be quite frustrating. Now, with many dual sim mobile phones, you need not worry about it.

With the right company, you can appreciate many benefits and features - simply because most dual SIM phones are of a lower spec than others, that does not mean that all of them are. Go Double Sim Uk, for example, really are a reputable company who sells mobile phones since 2007 and now have actually been rated the number one mobile phone distributor of nearly 400 other shops. They are a reputable company with a lot of wisdom and experience in the mobile phone business. The phone numbers are full of features such as GPS, WIFI and 3G unlocked and loaded, SIM free and dual SIM and triple SIM capable! If you are in the market for a dual or triple SIM phone then Go Double UK Sim you can get everything you really need for a very affordable price.

Mobile Cloud Device Management

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the growth of smartphone and tablet users around the world. Today, people can now surf the web, even if they do not sit in front of their computer. The introduction of new features and technologies available in mobile phones from different providers makes it very useful in the corporate world. What operating system penetrates in your company? You can choose from iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Has your organization embrace this new technology?

If you have a smartphone, then you can experience mobile cloud. Companies and organizations can benefit from improving device management with cloud computing technology. Most modern mobile platform is slowly emerging, managing and supporting various tasks in a variety of industries, especially in the corporate world. Mobile device management with cloud computing system is able to offer a necessity and they have many new features in MDM platform expected.
This is a central console that can support various kinds of mobile devices that offer both personal and corporate devices smartphones can manage. It has the ability to inventory and security compliance data that comes from mobile endpoints to collect and provide reliable and useful reports. Mobile Cloud, the user security features such as encryption, password, restrictions and right execution of remote actions. Maybe you are thinking why to embrace this new technology?

Traditional large companies are still but it requires costly investments in infrastructure with in-house mobile device management solutions. Aside from that, there is a tremendous need for workers to forgive forward to build servers and networks. It is also for the company required to train their employees for this new platform. With the use of new mobile applications cloud system, you can now skip all those things because you received from the host companies available to use the infrastructure and solutions.

It promotes easy and simple customer service, and it eliminates the need for additional hardware and personnel. It speeds up the implementation process and increase the productivity, security, scalability and reliability of the service. IT administrators can easily threatened to devices with cloud-based solutions, wherever they are, without having to worry about security. Once this mobile device is active in cloud, then there are some IT concerns that you need to know to ensure that you are the best service provider.

You need to know how secure their mobile apps cloud and if there is a chance that you can track the mobile device if it is lost. These two are very important, especially for businesses concerns on cloud mobile. You also need to ask whether the mobile endpoint is visible in the cloud. The policy of each and every cloud provider is important for the users to ensure a secure mobile computing service. A company must be very careful when it comes to data leakage, data vulnerability and malicious attacks. Everything you need is here already with this technology, you can now manage your business and monitor your employees at the same time.

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3G Technology - Top 3G Enable Cellphones

3G definition :
3G is the third generation of wireless technologies. It comes with enhancements over previous wireless technologies, like high- speed transmission , advanced multimedia access and global roaming . 3G will be mostly used with mobile phones and handsets as a means to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP networks for voice and video calls, surf to download and upload of data and the Internet.

3G has the following enhancements over previous and 2.5G networks :
Several times higher data rate ;
Enhanced audio and video streaming ;
Video conference support;
Web and WAP browsing at higher speeds ;
IPTV ( Internet TV ) support.
Specifications: 3G
The transfer rate for 3G networks is 128-144 kbps ( kilobits per second) for devices that are slow ( and pedestrians), a fast and 384 kbps movement. For fixed wireless LANs , the speed goes beyond 2 Mbps.

3G is a set of technologies and standards, W - CDMA, WLAN , cellular, among others.

3G follows a pattern of G which started in the 1990s by the ITU . The pattern is actually a wireless initiative called the IMT -2000 ( International Mobile Communications 2000). Therefore 3G comes only after 2G and 2.5G , the second-generation technologies. Include 2G technologies , among others, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM ) - the famous mobile phone technology we use today. 2.5G brings standards that are midway between 2G and 3G , including General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) , Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution ( EDGE) , Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS ) , etc.
What is required to use 3G ? :
The first thing you need is a device (eg a mobile phone) , the 3G is supported. This is where the 3G phone comes from the name - a phone that has 3G functionality ; has nothing to do with the number of cameras or the memory. An example is the iPhone 3G.

3G phones usually have two cameras since the technology allows users to make video calls , for which a user -oriented, to catch him / her camera is required.

Unlike Wi- Fi, which stands at the critical points free of charge , must be subscribed to a service provider 3G network connectivity to get. We often call this kind of service a data plan or network plan .
(USB, PCMCIA, etc., which can be of different kind ) , both of which are generally provided / the apparatus with the 3G network on the SIM card (in the case of a mobile phone ) or its 3G data card is connected from the service provider sold. By connecting to the Internet when you are in a 3G network. Even if you do not , you can still use 2G or 2.5G services by the service provider .

Top 3G Enable Mobile Phones

Galaxy S5

iphone 5 64GB
iphone 5S 16GB

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy S4 Active I9295

iphone 5 32GB

iphone 5 16GB


Lumia 1520

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Top 5 Best Wireless Charging Smartphones Review

Smartphone is a mobile phone that can be easily configured according to customer requirements This is why its use has increased significantly in recent years . Now millions of smartphone users use to manage activities of daily living . It is considered very flexible and innovative set and its implementation and it can easily be adjusted to suit your needs and requirements. Every day, new and innovative technologies are in the market, they are even smarter Smartphones with wireless charging . A few years ago , would have thought about how wireless charging Smartphone, and now this technology is fashionable quite innovative on the market. In this post you will get a review for Five best smartphones with wireless charging , integrated entity.
Now you do not need long to get your son to get loaded smartphone, you can simply put the smartphone on wireless charging and they start with the principle of magnetic induction , because they have the technology wireless Qi , which is considered the most advanced and reliable technology for the wireless recharging . Most applications enterprise mobility not work well on these smartphones. If we look in the market, we will find many smartphones which feature wireless charging , but choosing the best is quite difficult. For convenience of our readers, we list the top 5 amazing Smartphones equipped with wireless charging to help you .

Review of "HTC Droid DNA " with wireless charging entity :Smartphone giant HTC is having big screen and powerful processor it runs on 1.5 GHz Quad with a very powerful device. The smartphone has 2GB of RAM, which allows all applications to run without error. It comes with Android 's most advanced operating system OS 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It has 8MP snapper capable of recording HD videos and pictures at a very fast speed. The rating is 2020 mAh and lasts up to 6-7 hours when running on 4G . The statistics are 1920 X 1080 resolution at 440 PPI and you can easily recharge the cell phone battery with Qi technology.

Review Google Nexus 4 ' with wireless charging entity :
It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS . It comes with a screen 4.7-inch smartphone with a 1.5 GHz quad processor . A resolution of 768 X 1280 pixels makes the visibility of each photo, video or clear. It looks great in the hand. Most Android applications run surprisingly fast on it.

The pixel density is 318 PPI and Evaluation of the battery is 2100 MAH. This phone can perform talk time without charge for up to 10 hours . You can easily charge the phone with Qi technology and even with the ball of the radio load Google.

Review of "HTC Windows Phone 8X " with wireless charging entity :
It has a 4.3 inch screen and runs on dual quad-core 1.5 GHz processor . It comes with the latest version of Windows OS with 2 GB of RAM, which is enough for normal work. It has 8 MP super snapper that allows you to capture amazing pictures and record videos in HD.

The battery is 1800 mAh rating and you can load it with the Energizer Qi Inductive charging technology with charger that is quite is quite innovative and really interesting. The wireless charging function is only available on the Verizon Wireless release.

Reviews of ' Nokia Lumina 920' with wireless charging entity :
This powerful Nokia smartphone can simply be wireless Charged with Qi technology. It is quite advanced and powerful phone with the most amazing applications. It features the amazing 4.5-inch screen with the latest system and processor with 1.5 GHz , you can run all your applications without any hassle Windows Phone 8 .

In addition, 1 GB of RAM is sufficient for your smartphone ; the most advanced and latest technologies incredible work on it. The resolution is 1280 X 768 pixels, and the rear camera is 8.7 MP , which is quite considerable progress .

Review LG Spectrum 2 ' with wireless charging entity :
It is also the most impressive and innovative smartphone in the range of LG products. It features the amazing 4.7-inch screen and comes with more advanced Android operating system 4.0.4 . The processor is 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM is sufficient for all applications run smoothly.

The rating of the battery is 2150 mAh and the resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels. Chip integrated load the back of the phone installed and you can also make use of loading buffer Qi. This makes it very different game is another smartphone in the market.

Review of Nokia X 'Android' Smartphone

Nokia launched its first Android phone ' Nokia X in India to attract buyers with the prospect of Android app support . The smartphone maker believes will act as a " feeder " for its range of Lumia phones and make the first time smartphone users feel at home before they graduate with high-end alternatives .

But Nokia X up to the hype surrounding it, or is it a case of too little too late from the legendary Finnish firm ? We found in our review.
Build and Design
Nokia X has design features both Nokia Lumia 520/525 and Asha 503. It sports the same rectangular design and a polycarbonate shell color , which is a bit thick. As soon as you notice the capacitive button -like Asha marked arrow on the front, just below the screen, you realize that it's not a Windows Phone device. Furthermore , unlike the Lumia 525/520 , the sharp edges of the phone are unrounded . The edges of the front and feel rough lack refinement .

Nokia X running a custom operating system based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) . What this means is that Nokia has free bits, open-source Android ( which does not include Google applications and services ) and added his own (and Microsoft ) services and applications. Nokia has heavily customized the user interface, adding elements of Windows Phone , and MeeGo Harmattan OS Asha . The result is a blend that combines elements of all of these platforms and the user interface is not anywhere close to stock Android interface . The positive side is that the phone is compatible with a number of Android apps, even as it seems a.Windows phone device .

The Nokia X user interface is mainly divided into two home screens - Fastlane and application launcher. The application launcher takes its look of the home screen of Windows Phone and has tiles for launching applications. On the same screen Android also supports widgets , but adding widgets makes it messy and inconsistent. Unlike Windows Phone , the tiles are not live tiles , but select native apps such as the calendar and the Gallery app offer more than just static icons .
The tiles can be customized to a limited extent . You can select from two sizes for tiles native applications, and can also choose from six colors for the tiles of third party applications. You can also move and replace the tiles according to your preference .

As you install more applications, the number of tiles will also increase and you have to swipe down to navigate through them unless you choose to make folders and group them.

Swipe left or right and the screen is obtained Fastlane . We had first seen in the Nokia Asha Fastlane . This feature was borrowed from N9 Nokia Notifications interface , part of the MeeGo Harmattan OS .

The Fastlane shows not only alert notifications , messages, missed calls and events , also records the way you use the phone. The long vertical list records all the call logs, emails, web pages , app installs , take pictures and music played .

Thankfully , the screen is customizable and allows you to choose the phone if you want to register events of a particular type or a particular application. You can even choose not to display any notice or notices of certain applications.

However, the interface is also Fastlane multitasking phone . Unfortunately it is the only multitasking phone interface . This means that if you open multiple applications in the background and decides to switch between them , the only way is to Fastlane . Unlike conventional interfaces Android or even Windows Phone or iOS , no button or gesture that brings all the applications open on the front.

The UI Asha also follows the same philosophy, but then those Java applications do not support real-time multitasking unlike Android .

Since Nokia X has only one capacitive button - and navigation key is also problematic. Pressing backspace to step back and go to the home screen , you must press time. This is unintuitive and confusing to people who have used Android or Windows Phone interfaces before.

The phone also allows you to activate a "blow to the right ' gesture to go directly to the home screen , but is only available for a selection of native applications , such as phone, messaging and apps Peoples. Transition is uneven and there is a considerable delay.

The lock screen also shows app notifications . Swiping to the right opens the corresponding application , while swiping left discards .

A slight tug on the application launcher screen brings up the universal search like iOS 7. Swiping down from the top on the same screen tray featuring alternate configuration for Wi -Fi , Bluetooth, mobile data silent mode and a button to go directly to the configuration appears . The same tray is generally used for notifications on Android and iOS . We would have preferred it in Nokia X , as it facilitates easier access to notifications.

Nokia has included double tap the screen to wake up and view the features of your phone in Nokia Lumia Windows X. While the display shows the time out when the phone is locked without drawing more power, double tap to unlock does not work well in phone. In fact, 9 out of 10 times the phone will not register a normal faucet . Must play hard , or rather hit the screen , to work properly .

Come applications , Nokia offers some more preloaded and others through their own app store , Nokia Store . You can also download third party app stores third and 1Mobile Market , Amazon Appstore for Yandex or install paid applications.

It is worth noting that applications that use some kind of Google services , for example Google Wallet for payments in the application or maps for the location, the phone will not work unless it is ported to Nokia Store by the developer.

You also have the option to search for APK files to the web and load side after allowing the installation of applications from unknown phone settings from sources. However, we do not recommend this as this could lead to malware -infested applications .

That said , Nokia X does not come with Google Play Store , and even if you get hold of the installation files or APK files Play Store and other Google applications (like YouTube, Maps, Gmail ), your phone you might not be able to support these .

Nokia preload apps like Twitter , Facebook, WeChat , BBM , Astro File Manager , Opera and a number of demo games , in addition to Nokia Maps and then MixRadio . You can download offline maps and use them to turn by turn voice guided navigation.

MixRadio in Nokia X lets you stream and download free music to 4 mixtures offline ( a mixture is a playlist based on songs by other artists ) . Unlike the version of Windows Phone application , you can not search for individual tracks and download them (which requires a subscription Nokia Music embargo) .

If used heavily Google services , you'll be disappointed with this phone. Email client phone allows you to access Gmail , but it will not sync your Google contacts and calendars . Provides this functionality to Microsoft Outlook , though.

Minimalist phone browser is based on Chromium and is better functioning . Can not install Chrome and as there is no integration with a Google account , browsing history and bookmarks are not synchronized .

The default keyboard on the phone does not offer a good experience and is not very useful , even if you have small fingers .

Of course , there are a number of third-party launchers and keyboards available that will bring the user interface of the phone closer than most Android phones on the market offer . There are also ways to install the Google applications , but you can lose the warranty of your phone with them . We believe that most users, smartphone users , especially for the first time would not feel comfortable rooting their phones, or installing third party launchers .

Nokia X sports a 3-megapixel rear camera fixed focus, and does not include a LED flash. The camera is one of the weakest points of this phone. We expected a phone in price range of Nokia X to support autofocus. It's ironic how Nokia has added an application that includes granular controls for settings like ISO , anti - gangs , saturation , white balance , contrast and sharpness on a phone with an apology from a camera. It even offers a Panorama mode !

The camera is functional at best and takes pictures very average quality during the day and grainy images , infested in low light and inside noise. The lack of an LED flash makes it almost impossible to take pictures in low light conditions .

The video camera is capable of shooting 480p videos or even FWVGA resolution and record videos of medium quality .
In selfie was Nokia X loses a front-facing camera . This also means that you will not be able to use Skype for video calls .

Nokia X comes with a modest hardware under the hood. It is powered by a dual -core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon and 512 MB ​​of RAM. It comes with an internal memory of 4 GB which can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD card.

The phone offers a sub-par performance , and you will notice some lag while scrolling up and down the launcher screen phone applications. The phone works to multitask efficiently and you'll have a black screen with a message "Please wait " when you want to jump to the home screen of an application that consumes many resources .

Browse websites with heavy graphics also takes a toll on your performance and you will account stutters and lags .

In synthetic benchmarks , the phone scored 7422 on Antutu , 2844 in quadrant and 27.2 in Nenamark 2 tests .

Nokia X offers Bluetooth , WiFi connectivity options and A- GPS . A- GPS is based on the net for information related to the location .

Nokia X offers good call quality and signal reception and we did not encounter problems when making calls even in areas where cellular signal is relatively weaker . The phone features dual sim with support for 3G data in the first sim . You may only use one sim at a time for voice calls .

The external speaker on the phone gives an output of loud sound , but the sound was drowned when the phone is in your back, which is a problem .

We have been able to play the audio file formats restriction MOV video files from popular Full-HD video, although the use of a third-party video player can solve the problem .

Phone is backed by a 1500 mAh battery and will last only half a day ( 7-8 hours ) with moderate to heavy use if the screen brightness at the highest level and use 3G data sets all the time . You will be able to take about 1-2 hours of phone calls, play some casual games and surf the web at this time. The phone can play video continuously for 4-5 hours. We were quite disappointed with the backup battery that provides the phone.

Overall, Nokia X offers a disappointing performance.

While Temple Run popular games like Metro 2 and surfers , we noticed a considerable lag and frame drop . Games require about 20 seconds to start up . Games like Tetris, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds still play better than the other . But , the game is clearly one of the strengths of the phone either.

At Rs 8499 , did not recommend the purchase of the phone. It is an entry level phone that offers no USP except for compatibility with Android apps (not all of them though). It should have been priced in the bracket of Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 to replace high-end Asha phones.

In the same price range , you can get phones like the Q800 Xolo Zen HD 701 or Micromax Ultrafone canvas 2 , all of which offer better performance. These phones come with quad-core processors , larger screen and 1 GB RAM . They offer a full-fledged Android experience and access Google Play Store .

Nokia Lumia 520 itself is a great Windows Phone at the same price range.The Lumia 520 is available at a cheaper price ranging between Rs 7500-8000 unofficially through e-commerce retailers .

It's also worth noting that Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire the business of Nokia devices and expects the deal to close in the coming weeks. It is difficult to predict whether the Redmond giant will continue to offer the phone after taking charge .

Do not understand why Nokia needs the X series, especially when the Lumia 520, the entry-level Windows Phone handset , is doing well , and Microsoft has managed to fill their application market applications developers with Indian and global .

Perhaps the Nokia X is only part of an experiment in laboratory R & D company , and we would therefore recommend staying away from it.

Nokia XL Android smartphone review

Before Microsoft bought the handset division of Nokia, the Finnish phone maker has worked on mid-range Android phones under the name of Normandy code.

Work on the project is complete and the devices were brand Nokia X. Could they be the biggest surprise of MWC 2014? We took a look at the Nokia XL - to 5ins is the largest device in the X family of handsets and is priced at € 109 without subscription.

Nokia gives a makeover Android :
Running a highly customized version of the Android Open Source Project (4.1.2) - the interface was made ​​to look like Windows phone - no doubt inspired by the Nokia Lumia range . This is not a bad thing, because Nokia has made a difference in the appearance of the interface and not inflated software with unnecessary stuff.
Nokia remains simple with a home screen . This lists all the applications and you can reorder , resize titles or group them into folders.

Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Skype OneDrive and are pre -loaded with popular applications like Nokia Maps , radio and music mix. Unfortunately, not all Android apps are available - users have access to 75 percent of Android with organized a Nokia Store applications. Things may have been different if Nokia was not owned by Microsoft, but it's better than not having Android apps at all .

The most notable tweak is the introduction of "Fast Lane" . Swipe left or right on the home screen , which will show the last few apps you used , as well as messages. This is a simple customization - helpful and not intrusive .

Not all features of the software has been changed. The keyboard and settings menu will be familiar to Android users .

Low-price/Mid-range specifications :
Nokia is famous for the exceptional material and the X series is no different . You'd be forgiven for thinking the means the company may have opted for cheap materials , but it is not the style of Nokia price tag of € 109. The XL has the same polycarbonate high quality that the Lumia range and is about as far as you can get bargain .

Nokia has opted for a dual- SIM configuration , which is popular in emerging markets such as Africa, but rarely seen in the western world. Nokia has not yet confirmed whether the dual- SIM range will be launched in the UK .

As the range of the Apple iPhone, Nokia devices have a built- XL on the front of the camera button. It operates primarily as a back button , but a long press to function as a home button .

Powers A dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1GHz XL smartphone with a modest 768 MB of RAM. Internal storage is on the low side with 4GB - but it can be enhanced with a micro SD card up to 32GB in size.

The XL has a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash on the back , and a snapper front 2 - megapixel . In an interesting move , Nokia will also allow the back cover to remove it. This allows users to replace the 2000mAh battery, and get access to dual - SIM and micro SD card slot .

Except in case of software problems, we think it will be a success when it is released early in the second quarter.

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Suggestions on How To Spy On SMS Messages

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Undoubtedly, the simplest strategy is what people are about to discover the truth until it is espionage. In other words , to see what is contained in the communication track where people go, and determine which Internet activities. Keep in mind that smartphones are actually mini- DV devices with Internet access , they should also be placed under observation. Therefore, in addition to the personal computer and surveillance products you should look into Web applications spy phone monitoring cell phone smartphone.

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Spy smartphone is a phone to check Activity solution , trace a mobile phone , GPS Location Track , really know what is in SMS messages and e -mail , go through media messages, learn about sites visited , and many more.

Transfer Your Important Data By Using Samsung galaxy s3 Cables

To synchronize the data and transmit them to a computer. And for your Samsung phone you should always choose the original Samsung cable , which can be easily synchronized with your PC. The phone is synchronized not only with your PC, but also support the phone for multitasking your smartphone.
Cables Samsung Galaxy wheels , you can access your data , internet and email. You will discover a very good speed when surfing the Internet on your computer when your smartphone is connected through a micro -USB cable to the PC. Just connect your phone to your PC via USB and surf the web from files of the data rate . Cables with this phone, you can add all kinds of data on a smart phone that exists on the computer , and vice versa. With USB - data cable , you can create a backup of important data on your phone and ensure its security on your computer, and you can restore your backup anytime on your phone.
Phone accessories are available in webs. All you have to do is look at the accessories that are appropriate and compatible with the make and model of your phone. The accessories are especially popular because they allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of owning a mobile phone . Having a mobile phone makes life much easier and convenient , so it is valuable for most people .
Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories Cases & Covers , car chargers , portable chargers , Bluetooth headsets , headphones , cables and adapters and memory cards. Take a careful look at all these accessories .
Make sure that the cables that are trying to connect with the same wiring system as it significantly affects the functionality . There are cases where the USB power cable can not load the USB device. This may be due to a technical problem with the cable or device and the situation in the field of technical competence . If attempts are unsuccessful charge , do not try to fix the source of USB or USB device on your own because you can lose the warranty or do more harm than good cable .
Special cables are designed with an integrated technology that allows recognition of a fully charged battery . Although the cables and adapters Samsung Galaxy is not immediately disconnected , switching to automatic mode prevents overcharging and short circuit.
Cables help to transfer your data from one place to another . If you want to transfer anything from the phone to the laptop , this cable helps . You must connect your phone to the side of the cable and connect the other end of the cable to your laptop, you can easily transfer what you want .

There are also boots that are sold independently whether , in case of loss or charger for your cell phone was broken. Basically , there are different types of cell phone chargers available and you will be surprised to know that you can actually prefer the type van with his wishes. Travel chargers are convenient and compact, making it ideal for people who like to travel option . It is easy to handle and can be used to charge the battery even on the road .

Advice on Spy Call Tools

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Smartphone Spyphone software applications usually catch mobile phone activity such as Phone Tracker , SMS texts , Call Logs and at times email , and dependent on the phone operating system can visit the web pages. This data is either uploaded to an internet account for access , or forwarded by SMS to another smartphone or email. Some have warning messages depending on keywords and phrases or phone numbers. Some smartphone spy software programs even allow tapping telephone conversations .

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Top 5 Future smartphones 2014

As the smartphone screen becomes more popular, deploy new and innovative smartphones every day. In a technology event that was held in Seoul this year, Samsung CEO, Kwon Oh Hyun, announced that the company plans to flex phones on the market in 2 years.

Adoption of fully flexible Samsung phones will progressively. Screens curves, the prelude to fully flexible displays are already available on the market thanks to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Round. The South Korean company launch other curved phones in the next 12 months, but will not be totally flexible.
These are the Samsung Galaxy Round‘s tech specs:

Display size: 1080x1920px, 5.7 inches
Camera: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, Dual Shot, Simultaneous video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization, panorama, HDR
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
Memory: internal (32GB, 3GB RAM), microSD, up to 64GB
Battery capacity: 2800 mAh
Weight: 154g

Google Nexus 5. On November 1 Google finally launched one of the most expected smartphones. Nexus 5 is running Android 4.4 KitKat. This is considered to be one of the main selling points of this new smartphone. The Nexus 5 and the other mobile devices sold by the search giant will be the only way to try out the latest Android version for at least a few months.

Display size: 1920x1080px, 4.95 inches
Camera: rear 8.0MP with OIS/Frontal 1.3MP HD, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, photo sphere
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.26GHz Quad-Core Krait CPU
Memory: 32GB/16GB
Battery capacity: 2300 mAh Li-Polymer (embedded)
Weight: 130g

HTC One Max. The news of a larger version of this amazing phablet has had mobile devices’ fans excited. The all aluminum shell, the Ultrapixel camera and the BoomSound speakers remain untouched. HTC One Max is going to be a big device (as the name suggests), but the company isn’t planning on any stylus technology similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Display size: 1080x1920px, 5.9 inches
Camera: 4MP, 2688 x 1520 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Processor: Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon 600
Memory: internal (16/32GB, 2GB RAM), microSD, up to 64 GB
Battery capacity: 3300 mAh
Weight: 217g

Oppo N1. Many consumers worldwide never heard about the Chinese OEM Oppo, but the company has received excellent reviews for its recent devices. What is so special about this smartphone is that its 13MP camera sensor rotates all the way around to face front so you can take high quality selfies. The device also has a back touch pad for scrolling without touching the screen.

Display size: 1080x1920px, 5.9 inches
Camera: 13 MP, 4128×3096 pixels, autofocus, dual-LED flash, rotating lens, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, HDR
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600
Memory: internal (16/32GB, 2GB RAM), no card slot
Battery capacity: 3610 mAh
Weight: 213g

BlackBerry Z30. There has been a lot of rumors on Z30's specifications. With the latest pictures of the BlackBerry Z30 and a detailed video of the smartphone, the rumors can now be confirmed.

Display size: 720x1280px, 5.0 inches
Camera: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilization
Processor: Qualcomm MSM8960T Pro Snapdragon
Memory: internal (16GB, 2GB RAM), microSD, up to 64GB
Battery capacity: 2880 mAh
Weight: 170g

Top 5 dual SIM smartphones under Rs 10,000

With a limited budget in hand , choose one of the best dual- SIM smartphones packing variety of feature aspects to suit your needs.
Buying a decent dual- SIM phone with a limited budget is a tedious task . Plethora of models of mobile phones with dual -SIM support are available on the market. With the dual- SIM budget, we like to argue that these smartphones have limited on-board storage and companies are not guarantee future software updates .

Ideally, the dual- SIM handset is useful for keeping a SIM card to call and the other for data. Here, we tried to choose five very conservative handsets that have the equipment unless decent to run applications easily on them.

Micromax Canvas HD A116i :

Micromax Canvas HD A116i is the improvised version of the popular A116 Canvas HD smartphone . It comes with a 5-inch LCD screen with high definition resolution. The Web A116i HD is powered by a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor MediaTek MT6589 mobile PowerVR SGX544 that comes paired with GPU chipset. Packing 1GB of RAM, HD Canvas runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean A116i out of the box .

At the rear is an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash. There is a front facing 2 megapixel camera in the phone as well. Micromax offers 4GB of onboard storage and a memory card slot that can hold up to 32GB Micro SD card in the HD A116i Web. It has two SIM slots , one of which supports 3G while the other is intended to 2G network . Micromax has equipped with a 2000 mAh battery in the phone which claims to provide 5 hours of talk time.

Xolo Q1000 :

Smartphone Xolo Q1000 is equipped with 5 -inch IPS LCD screen ( 720x1280 ) HD resolution. The display of the Q1000 is protected by DragonTrail glass is very durable and scratch also claimed to be six times stronger than conventional glass . With a single thickness of 8.8 mm , the Q1000 is powered by a quad -core 1.2 GHz processor MediaTek mobile with 1 GB of RAM to run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update smoothly.
The Q1000 offers 8 megapixels for clearer, sharper even in low light environment using the sensor BSI ( Backside Illumination) images. Packing 4GB of internal memory storage and a memory card reader to expand storage. Xolo packed 2100 mAh promises and playing music for 21 hours.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Duos :

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S Duos 2 with 4 -inch LCD screen with 480x800 pixel resolution. This dual SIM smartphone supports a SIM 3G network . Galaxy S 2 Duos packs a dual-core 1.2 GHz mobile processor and packs 768 MB of RAM 4 GB of onboard storage .
This smartphone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update with TouchWiz interface on top of it . At the back is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus. This camera can record 720p HD video and there is a front facing VGA camera for video calls. Samsung has packed a 1500 mAh battery to keep the race for decent amount of hours smartphone.

iBerry Auxus Xenea X1:

Auxus Xenea X1 is for the frenzy of the music. The Xenea music publishing X1 has an LCD IPS screen 4.5 inches with 960x540 pixels resolution. Support dual- SIM configuration , the phone can accommodate a micro SIM with penta - . Band HSPA + " > HSPA Support The Xenea X1 only 9 mm thick and is powered by a quad -core processor 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6582 mobile chipset with Mali - 400 graphics and 1GB of RAM.
Packaging only 4GB of onboard storage , Xenea X1 features support the memory card slot . It runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean updates can be expected in the future. To the rear is 8 megapixel camera with flash , autofocus and full HD 1080p recording. In the front is a 2 megapixel camera for video calls . The iBerry Auxus Xenea X1 has a nice design and packs a 2200 mAh removable battery.

Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIM :

Keeping aside the large screen Android phones , the Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIM does make an interesting proposal. The Asha 503 Dual SIM supports both Micro SIM modules and supports 3G network as well. The phone has a dual- standby so. Featuring a compact 3 -inch screen built using Corning Gorilla Glass technology , the Asha 503 Dual SIM Nokia Asha manages 1.2 software platform to bring several preloaded applications .
There is support for WhatsApp and other popular services . At the rear, Asha 503 Dual SIM has a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and can record QVGA video quality . Nokia includes a micro SD 4GB card with the phone and you can always add up to 32GB micro SD card for more storage . Nokia has packed a 1200 mAh battery to provide decent run time .

Upcoming Android Phones in 2014

There is much to build on the next smartphone manufacturer different fields with anticipation Consumer Electronics Show ( CES) in place and the Mobile World Congress ( MWC) just around the corner. Here we will take a look at the most anticipated smartphones of 2014 .
Samsung :
The electronics giant Korea is currently leading the Android smartphone race and have lots of devices in its arsenal to take on other players in the fierce battle.

Samsung Galaxy F: Samsung is looking to go with this new star metal device that is rumored to debut next Galaxy S5 and took first place in the premium smartphone line up of Samsung . If you have to step over the line Galaxy S should contain the top of the internal specifications of line too. The word is that it will be powered by Cortex A57/A53 octa core Exynos , and will have a screen with QHD resolution 2K to 2560 × 1600 pixels , it might even be a real flexible. Other than that , you probably will also module 16 MP camera that Samsung has been working together with optical image stabilization that has been absent from Samsung 's smartphones . There are no much information available about this mystery device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 : The next show stopper of the legendary Samsung Galaxy S line is also to launch shortly. Although there are rumors that the Galaxy F take the crown of high-end S5 galaxy, the " S " line is still the face of premium range of Samsung smartphone . The buzz surrounding the Galaxy S5 suggest that also come with screen as the Galaxy 2k F. It will be powered by 64-bit or Exynos chipset Snapdragon contains 3 GB of RAM, 16 MP camera , 4000mAh battery and Android 4.4 running KitKat . The most interesting rumor is about the inclusion of iris scanner that is able to put the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner ' to shame. The Galaxy S5 is set to debut at MWC 2014 and could be followed by the Galaxy F.

Although HTC is having difficulty keeping up with the competition , does not give up so easily and is working on his sequel to the HTC one that has been a critical and commercial success .

HTC M8 : The successor to the HTC One is in the news a long time ago, codenamed M8 . @ Evleaks recent leaks suggest that the device will be running Snapdragon 800, 3Gb of RAM and about 5.2 inch display with a resolution of 1080p. They will inherit the same camera UltraPixel HTC one bump in megapixels but could be on the cards . It is expected to run Android 4.4 with Sense 6.0 on top of it are really concerned how HTC plans to name the device . HTC One 2 ? We are waiting for the device we launch in the first quarter of 2014 , probably during the MWC 2014.

HTC Butteryfly 2: The sequel to HTC butterfly is said to ahev a full HD 5.2-inch screen and run on Snapdragon chipset 800. It is also expected that the device has UltraPixel BoomSound camera and speakers. The device will have the color scheme of two tone and come in white, black and blue. Taking inspiration from Sony , HTC is also trying to get Butterfly 2 waterproof IPX7 certified .

LG :
The Korean electronics manufacturer LG is on par with his hometown rival Samsung . LG is also making its own 64-bit processor core and octa already show its flexible display technology .

G3 LG : LG 's flagship phone and successor of LG G2 is set to come armed with a qHD screen resolution 1440 × 2560 with 5.5 screen size . The camera will be a 16 MP shooter . Homegrown x64 octa core processor LG ' Odin ' based on ARM Cortex A50 to power the device is expected . LG might not be able to debut the device during the MWC and push the launch somewhere around 2nd half of 2014.

LG T Flex 2 : We do not even have Lg T Flex available worldwide , so it's a long shot to think that is a successor yet. LG showed its ability Flexible Display LG T Flex , which was flexible to some degree. The second iteration , LG T Flex 2 is fixed with a capacity of up to 90 degrees of flexion . It is assumed that the chassis is made of rubber to allow flexing . We have not information about the internal specifications to feed the device or its release date , not even a clue.

The last two years have seen Sony reveals its flagship device in January, so we could be close enough to see 2014 Sony 's flagship smartphone , which is expected to set the function and design standards for the rest of the devices that will follow.

Xperia Z2: The Sony brought the role and ' waterproof ' ' dust-proof ' board and saw great success. It is expected that the next version , Sony Xperia Z2 bring some innovative features Sony if you want to stay in the game . We have not seen any news of flexible displays and processors homegrown 64-bit Sony might be planning to stay away from gimmicky things . Rumors suggest that Z2 Xperia codenamed 'Avatar' will feature a 5.2 -inch IGZO screen Triluminos 1080p, 4K video recording , 2.2 GHz processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, 20.7 MP Camera, 3 GB of RAM and a battery 3200mAh . Advancement of wireless charging and fast charging and within an hour are some of the features are speculating .

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Recommendations on Spy Phone Programs

The operating system of mobile phone is really appreciated by the developers of mobile devices and software applications normally spy cell phone is packed with features not available with other operating systems make the Spyware highly effective mobile phone as a response to parental monitoring , personnel tracking and infidelity investigation. Many different companies cellphone handset (marks) as working with smartphone smartphone operating system ( OS ) . Monitoring and tracking technology for mobile phones may offer lot of functions with a simple installation. Smartphone track , check out SMS Texts & E mail, Call Activity Logging , MMS Pictures & Video , visited websites, phone calls Press and more. Want to know exactly how teens , workers or lovers use their mobile and you want to find a solution Spy smartphone ?
Smartphone Product Discussion: What are they , who uses ; How to buy . Reference Guide for complete mobile surveillance. See information about the activity using online account to locate smartphones, capture SMS Texts & Email , Call Activity , MMS Multi- media Pictures & Video , Web sites visited , spy and record telephone calls and more . Learn the techniques to use Spy Phone Monitoring and tracking technology for a Do It Yourself private investigator and how to spy on text cell phone, including how to make mobile monitoring; How to spy on text messages , instant messaging and e -mail , How to trace cell phone calls , and perhaps listen to phone calls.

Phone Spy Phone is the hottest of the hi-tech security on mobile phones genre. You can find details about what people say on their smartphones and who they talk to and answers about Spy smartphone also .

Generally, the easiest way for you to identify the truth about what people do is become a private investigator in self-service . This means that to have a look at what is included in the communication , monitoring to see historical places , and to determine the activity online. Keep in mind that cell phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry and various types using the smartphone operating system are actually mini- computers that have Internet access, so they should be put under surveillance . For this reason , together with the personal computer and Internet monitoring software , you should think about Smartphone Spy Phone Products Mobile phone surveillance.

Get up to date with technology ! Smartphone spy software packages down load directly to a mobile phone "target" using the smartphone online connection . And then 'events' or communication can be monitored remotely from your private online account . It may be relatively easy for you to get the facts about what people talking and texting on their smart phones , who they really are talking about, where they are currently and basically where they have been and also information about Spy smartphone.

SPYPHONE smartphone software offers the possibility to obtain . You can get the truth of the matter of what people say on their phones and who they really are talking about. Solutions adopted may even include eavesdropping on communications and control of the mobile microphone, converting the mobile right into a secret bug device .

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iphone Accessories that must have

Accessories are the best way to praise a phone and when it is a high end phone like an iPhone, then you should not look back anyway. If you have invested more money behind buying the latest model then there is nothing wrong with buying a few accessories to take good care of her. Uniting these few accessories that certainly more comfortable to use the phone for multitasking purposes .

Research shows that in 2013 , Apple's revenue is up 17.7 percent compared with the previous year, which was followed by a sharp increase in demand for iPhone accessories . This shows that people spend a considerable amount of money behind accessories. In the list provided below , you will get an idea about the must have accessories iphone .
Noise Isolation Headphones : The specialty of these headphones is that does not allow the external sound from the surrounding atmosphere to interfere with the music that allows the user to enjoy music . The quality of light and serious excellent sound allow the listener to hear the best music . These headphones are also equipped with answer button and microphone.

Bluetooth in car speaker : Talking on the phone while driving is a risky business , as this has led to many dangerous consequences in the past. When installing the Bluetooth car speaker , you can talk while driving. There is also a voice recognition application installed on this that allows the user to dial a number without actually writing . Therefore, you do not have to take eyes off the road before dialing a number.

Privacy Protection Film : Covering your phone with the film privacy protection allows you to not only protect the screen from damage but also helps hide any information that appears on the screen. Unless the phone is set straight anyone can view the information.

Pen Case : There are many cases where the iphone is accidentally slips out of control and cause damage by developing a crack on the screen or dysfuntioning leading to any of the phone. In order to save your phone from such damage can attach a feather case . The case is 1 mm thick and is strong enough to provide maximum protection to your phone .
IHome iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers: It is very difficult to carry large size speakers ever . You can carry in your purse , laptop bag or a suitcase. The magnetic low helps fit two speakers . When the battery runs out , you can connect to your computer and upload them.

In addition to the above accessories , you can also get a clock radio that provides the dual benefit of listening to the radio while maintaining a tap in time. One of the most interesting features of the watch is the eight types of brightness settings . Moreover, there are plenty of snooze buttons with which you can stop the alarm.

Mobile Advertising 2014 - Predictions and Reasons

Mobile advertising, which practically began with text SMS campaigns and Voice Portals, has evolved to include campaigns using Internet services. 2013 saw huge advances in mobile technologies, which resulted in the mobile advertising threatening the position of Internet advertising office . As the year draws to a close, it is now time to analyze mobile advertising in 2013 and forecast trends Top mobile advertising will look out for in 2014.
Begin by stating the devices that were considered for analysis. The evolving nature of the telecommunications industry has made so many features in play it is easier to decide which devices should or should not be taken into account in a study of mobile advertising. However, after much deliberation, it was finally decided that the analysis must contain Feature Phones , smartphones and tablets. Trends that are likely to be popular were discussed with the reasons for their becoming popular .

Video / ads with rich media
2013 saw an increase in popularity of video ads on the mobile phone holder . Users preferred to watch online videos on their desktops before this . Two important reasons for the change in preferences and found an affinity for watching online videos on mobile include a speed faster mobile Internet and the availability of large mobile screen and tabs. With 3G Internet service is a common feature and now 4G already running, we can have streaming videos without interruption. This is a rare scene to see young people watch the latest videos on their mobile phones to metro , bus, etc. This has created an opportunity for Mobile Video Ads to be incorporated into the most popular videos . The same is true for ads with rich media content . They do not run the risk of taking long periods of time to load on more mobile .

Different ads for different platforms
Even if the mobile phone has always been labeled as a personal device , it is now increasingly used for official purposes too . Tablet PCs or tabs , in particular, can be seen in competition with laptops as preferred by professionals for office work device . Thus, it is very important to know why the camera is used before the shooting ads to it. We have seen that on a global basis , smart phones are used for personal purposes, while the legs are increasingly used for officials. He firmly believes that , since most feature phones newly manufactured also have the ability to surf the Internet , personalized ads should be created for them too. It is also very important to personalize corporate websites for feature phones with smaller screens .

Shorter and Advertisements
The mobile phone is a device that differs from the speed . It is used to ensure that users stay connected while on the move . If other factors such as smaller screens are considered, it is clear that the user will spend less time on Mobile ads ads office. Thus, ad texts have become shorter and simpler and presented for easy understanding.

Advertise locally
Increased stress on Showrooming and ROPO (Research Online & Offline purchase) has increased the importance of local advertising. Users to search for " nearest restaurants ", " nearest mobile stores ", etc. on their mobile phones have made it absolutely important for companies to local advertising. This is especially true for small businesses .

According to IMRB ( Indian Market Research Bureau), Indian companies spent Rs 300 crore in 2013 on mobile advertising. With an expected rate of increase in spending in 2014 being more than 40 % advertising agencies in India would do well to take note of the trends mentioned above.