Wednesday, May 21, 2014

3G Technology - Top 3G Enable Cellphones

3G definition :
3G is the third generation of wireless technologies. It comes with enhancements over previous wireless technologies, like high- speed transmission , advanced multimedia access and global roaming . 3G will be mostly used with mobile phones and handsets as a means to connect the phone to the Internet or other IP networks for voice and video calls, surf to download and upload of data and the Internet.

3G has the following enhancements over previous and 2.5G networks :
Several times higher data rate ;
Enhanced audio and video streaming ;
Video conference support;
Web and WAP browsing at higher speeds ;
IPTV ( Internet TV ) support.
Specifications: 3G
The transfer rate for 3G networks is 128-144 kbps ( kilobits per second) for devices that are slow ( and pedestrians), a fast and 384 kbps movement. For fixed wireless LANs , the speed goes beyond 2 Mbps.

3G is a set of technologies and standards, W - CDMA, WLAN , cellular, among others.

3G follows a pattern of G which started in the 1990s by the ITU . The pattern is actually a wireless initiative called the IMT -2000 ( International Mobile Communications 2000). Therefore 3G comes only after 2G and 2.5G , the second-generation technologies. Include 2G technologies , among others, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM ) - the famous mobile phone technology we use today. 2.5G brings standards that are midway between 2G and 3G , including General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) , Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution ( EDGE) , Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS ) , etc.
What is required to use 3G ? :
The first thing you need is a device (eg a mobile phone) , the 3G is supported. This is where the 3G phone comes from the name - a phone that has 3G functionality ; has nothing to do with the number of cameras or the memory. An example is the iPhone 3G.

3G phones usually have two cameras since the technology allows users to make video calls , for which a user -oriented, to catch him / her camera is required.

Unlike Wi- Fi, which stands at the critical points free of charge , must be subscribed to a service provider 3G network connectivity to get. We often call this kind of service a data plan or network plan .
(USB, PCMCIA, etc., which can be of different kind ) , both of which are generally provided / the apparatus with the 3G network on the SIM card (in the case of a mobile phone ) or its 3G data card is connected from the service provider sold. By connecting to the Internet when you are in a 3G network. Even if you do not , you can still use 2G or 2.5G services by the service provider .

Top 3G Enable Mobile Phones

Galaxy S5

iphone 5 64GB
iphone 5S 16GB

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy S4 Active I9295

iphone 5 32GB

iphone 5 16GB


Lumia 1520