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Top 5 Best Wireless Charging Smartphones Review

Smartphone is a mobile phone that can be easily configured according to customer requirements This is why its use has increased significantly in recent years . Now millions of smartphone users use to manage activities of daily living . It is considered very flexible and innovative set and its implementation and it can easily be adjusted to suit your needs and requirements. Every day, new and innovative technologies are in the market, they are even smarter Smartphones with wireless charging . A few years ago , would have thought about how wireless charging Smartphone, and now this technology is fashionable quite innovative on the market. In this post you will get a review for Five best smartphones with wireless charging , integrated entity.
Now you do not need long to get your son to get loaded smartphone, you can simply put the smartphone on wireless charging and they start with the principle of magnetic induction , because they have the technology wireless Qi , which is considered the most advanced and reliable technology for the wireless recharging . Most applications enterprise mobility not work well on these smartphones. If we look in the market, we will find many smartphones which feature wireless charging , but choosing the best is quite difficult. For convenience of our readers, we list the top 5 amazing Smartphones equipped with wireless charging to help you .

Review of "HTC Droid DNA " with wireless charging entity :Smartphone giant HTC is having big screen and powerful processor it runs on 1.5 GHz Quad with a very powerful device. The smartphone has 2GB of RAM, which allows all applications to run without error. It comes with Android 's most advanced operating system OS 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It has 8MP snapper capable of recording HD videos and pictures at a very fast speed. The rating is 2020 mAh and lasts up to 6-7 hours when running on 4G . The statistics are 1920 X 1080 resolution at 440 PPI and you can easily recharge the cell phone battery with Qi technology.

Review Google Nexus 4 ' with wireless charging entity :
It runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS . It comes with a screen 4.7-inch smartphone with a 1.5 GHz quad processor . A resolution of 768 X 1280 pixels makes the visibility of each photo, video or clear. It looks great in the hand. Most Android applications run surprisingly fast on it.

The pixel density is 318 PPI and Evaluation of the battery is 2100 MAH. This phone can perform talk time without charge for up to 10 hours . You can easily charge the phone with Qi technology and even with the ball of the radio load Google.

Review of "HTC Windows Phone 8X " with wireless charging entity :
It has a 4.3 inch screen and runs on dual quad-core 1.5 GHz processor . It comes with the latest version of Windows OS with 2 GB of RAM, which is enough for normal work. It has 8 MP super snapper that allows you to capture amazing pictures and record videos in HD.

The battery is 1800 mAh rating and you can load it with the Energizer Qi Inductive charging technology with charger that is quite is quite innovative and really interesting. The wireless charging function is only available on the Verizon Wireless release.

Reviews of ' Nokia Lumina 920' with wireless charging entity :
This powerful Nokia smartphone can simply be wireless Charged with Qi technology. It is quite advanced and powerful phone with the most amazing applications. It features the amazing 4.5-inch screen with the latest system and processor with 1.5 GHz , you can run all your applications without any hassle Windows Phone 8 .

In addition, 1 GB of RAM is sufficient for your smartphone ; the most advanced and latest technologies incredible work on it. The resolution is 1280 X 768 pixels, and the rear camera is 8.7 MP , which is quite considerable progress .

Review LG Spectrum 2 ' with wireless charging entity :
It is also the most impressive and innovative smartphone in the range of LG products. It features the amazing 4.7-inch screen and comes with more advanced Android operating system 4.0.4 . The processor is 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM is sufficient for all applications run smoothly.

The rating of the battery is 2150 mAh and the resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels. Chip integrated load the back of the phone installed and you can also make use of loading buffer Qi. This makes it very different game is another smartphone in the market.

Review of Nokia X 'Android' Smartphone

Nokia launched its first Android phone ' Nokia X in India to attract buyers with the prospect of Android app support . The smartphone maker believes will act as a " feeder " for its range of Lumia phones and make the first time smartphone users feel at home before they graduate with high-end alternatives .

But Nokia X up to the hype surrounding it, or is it a case of too little too late from the legendary Finnish firm ? We found in our review.
Build and Design
Nokia X has design features both Nokia Lumia 520/525 and Asha 503. It sports the same rectangular design and a polycarbonate shell color , which is a bit thick. As soon as you notice the capacitive button -like Asha marked arrow on the front, just below the screen, you realize that it's not a Windows Phone device. Furthermore , unlike the Lumia 525/520 , the sharp edges of the phone are unrounded . The edges of the front and feel rough lack refinement .

Nokia X running a custom operating system based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) . What this means is that Nokia has free bits, open-source Android ( which does not include Google applications and services ) and added his own (and Microsoft ) services and applications. Nokia has heavily customized the user interface, adding elements of Windows Phone , and MeeGo Harmattan OS Asha . The result is a blend that combines elements of all of these platforms and the user interface is not anywhere close to stock Android interface . The positive side is that the phone is compatible with a number of Android apps, even as it seems a.Windows phone device .

The Nokia X user interface is mainly divided into two home screens - Fastlane and application launcher. The application launcher takes its look of the home screen of Windows Phone and has tiles for launching applications. On the same screen Android also supports widgets , but adding widgets makes it messy and inconsistent. Unlike Windows Phone , the tiles are not live tiles , but select native apps such as the calendar and the Gallery app offer more than just static icons .
The tiles can be customized to a limited extent . You can select from two sizes for tiles native applications, and can also choose from six colors for the tiles of third party applications. You can also move and replace the tiles according to your preference .

As you install more applications, the number of tiles will also increase and you have to swipe down to navigate through them unless you choose to make folders and group them.

Swipe left or right and the screen is obtained Fastlane . We had first seen in the Nokia Asha Fastlane . This feature was borrowed from N9 Nokia Notifications interface , part of the MeeGo Harmattan OS .

The Fastlane shows not only alert notifications , messages, missed calls and events , also records the way you use the phone. The long vertical list records all the call logs, emails, web pages , app installs , take pictures and music played .

Thankfully , the screen is customizable and allows you to choose the phone if you want to register events of a particular type or a particular application. You can even choose not to display any notice or notices of certain applications.

However, the interface is also Fastlane multitasking phone . Unfortunately it is the only multitasking phone interface . This means that if you open multiple applications in the background and decides to switch between them , the only way is to Fastlane . Unlike conventional interfaces Android or even Windows Phone or iOS , no button or gesture that brings all the applications open on the front.

The UI Asha also follows the same philosophy, but then those Java applications do not support real-time multitasking unlike Android .

Since Nokia X has only one capacitive button - and navigation key is also problematic. Pressing backspace to step back and go to the home screen , you must press time. This is unintuitive and confusing to people who have used Android or Windows Phone interfaces before.

The phone also allows you to activate a "blow to the right ' gesture to go directly to the home screen , but is only available for a selection of native applications , such as phone, messaging and apps Peoples. Transition is uneven and there is a considerable delay.

The lock screen also shows app notifications . Swiping to the right opens the corresponding application , while swiping left discards .

A slight tug on the application launcher screen brings up the universal search like iOS 7. Swiping down from the top on the same screen tray featuring alternate configuration for Wi -Fi , Bluetooth, mobile data silent mode and a button to go directly to the configuration appears . The same tray is generally used for notifications on Android and iOS . We would have preferred it in Nokia X , as it facilitates easier access to notifications.

Nokia has included double tap the screen to wake up and view the features of your phone in Nokia Lumia Windows X. While the display shows the time out when the phone is locked without drawing more power, double tap to unlock does not work well in phone. In fact, 9 out of 10 times the phone will not register a normal faucet . Must play hard , or rather hit the screen , to work properly .

Come applications , Nokia offers some more preloaded and others through their own app store , Nokia Store . You can also download third party app stores third and 1Mobile Market , Amazon Appstore for Yandex or install paid applications.

It is worth noting that applications that use some kind of Google services , for example Google Wallet for payments in the application or maps for the location, the phone will not work unless it is ported to Nokia Store by the developer.

You also have the option to search for APK files to the web and load side after allowing the installation of applications from unknown phone settings from sources. However, we do not recommend this as this could lead to malware -infested applications .

That said , Nokia X does not come with Google Play Store , and even if you get hold of the installation files or APK files Play Store and other Google applications (like YouTube, Maps, Gmail ), your phone you might not be able to support these .

Nokia preload apps like Twitter , Facebook, WeChat , BBM , Astro File Manager , Opera and a number of demo games , in addition to Nokia Maps and then MixRadio . You can download offline maps and use them to turn by turn voice guided navigation.

MixRadio in Nokia X lets you stream and download free music to 4 mixtures offline ( a mixture is a playlist based on songs by other artists ) . Unlike the version of Windows Phone application , you can not search for individual tracks and download them (which requires a subscription Nokia Music embargo) .

If used heavily Google services , you'll be disappointed with this phone. Email client phone allows you to access Gmail , but it will not sync your Google contacts and calendars . Provides this functionality to Microsoft Outlook , though.

Minimalist phone browser is based on Chromium and is better functioning . Can not install Chrome and as there is no integration with a Google account , browsing history and bookmarks are not synchronized .

The default keyboard on the phone does not offer a good experience and is not very useful , even if you have small fingers .

Of course , there are a number of third-party launchers and keyboards available that will bring the user interface of the phone closer than most Android phones on the market offer . There are also ways to install the Google applications , but you can lose the warranty of your phone with them . We believe that most users, smartphone users , especially for the first time would not feel comfortable rooting their phones, or installing third party launchers .

Nokia X sports a 3-megapixel rear camera fixed focus, and does not include a LED flash. The camera is one of the weakest points of this phone. We expected a phone in price range of Nokia X to support autofocus. It's ironic how Nokia has added an application that includes granular controls for settings like ISO , anti - gangs , saturation , white balance , contrast and sharpness on a phone with an apology from a camera. It even offers a Panorama mode !

The camera is functional at best and takes pictures very average quality during the day and grainy images , infested in low light and inside noise. The lack of an LED flash makes it almost impossible to take pictures in low light conditions .

The video camera is capable of shooting 480p videos or even FWVGA resolution and record videos of medium quality .
In selfie was Nokia X loses a front-facing camera . This also means that you will not be able to use Skype for video calls .

Nokia X comes with a modest hardware under the hood. It is powered by a dual -core 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon and 512 MB ​​of RAM. It comes with an internal memory of 4 GB which can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD card.

The phone offers a sub-par performance , and you will notice some lag while scrolling up and down the launcher screen phone applications. The phone works to multitask efficiently and you'll have a black screen with a message "Please wait " when you want to jump to the home screen of an application that consumes many resources .

Browse websites with heavy graphics also takes a toll on your performance and you will account stutters and lags .

In synthetic benchmarks , the phone scored 7422 on Antutu , 2844 in quadrant and 27.2 in Nenamark 2 tests .

Nokia X offers Bluetooth , WiFi connectivity options and A- GPS . A- GPS is based on the net for information related to the location .

Nokia X offers good call quality and signal reception and we did not encounter problems when making calls even in areas where cellular signal is relatively weaker . The phone features dual sim with support for 3G data in the first sim . You may only use one sim at a time for voice calls .

The external speaker on the phone gives an output of loud sound , but the sound was drowned when the phone is in your back, which is a problem .

We have been able to play the audio file formats restriction MOV video files from popular Full-HD video, although the use of a third-party video player can solve the problem .

Phone is backed by a 1500 mAh battery and will last only half a day ( 7-8 hours ) with moderate to heavy use if the screen brightness at the highest level and use 3G data sets all the time . You will be able to take about 1-2 hours of phone calls, play some casual games and surf the web at this time. The phone can play video continuously for 4-5 hours. We were quite disappointed with the backup battery that provides the phone.

Overall, Nokia X offers a disappointing performance.

While Temple Run popular games like Metro 2 and surfers , we noticed a considerable lag and frame drop . Games require about 20 seconds to start up . Games like Tetris, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds still play better than the other . But , the game is clearly one of the strengths of the phone either.

At Rs 8499 , did not recommend the purchase of the phone. It is an entry level phone that offers no USP except for compatibility with Android apps (not all of them though). It should have been priced in the bracket of Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 to replace high-end Asha phones.

In the same price range , you can get phones like the Q800 Xolo Zen HD 701 or Micromax Ultrafone canvas 2 , all of which offer better performance. These phones come with quad-core processors , larger screen and 1 GB RAM . They offer a full-fledged Android experience and access Google Play Store .

Nokia Lumia 520 itself is a great Windows Phone at the same price range.The Lumia 520 is available at a cheaper price ranging between Rs 7500-8000 unofficially through e-commerce retailers .

It's also worth noting that Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire the business of Nokia devices and expects the deal to close in the coming weeks. It is difficult to predict whether the Redmond giant will continue to offer the phone after taking charge .

Do not understand why Nokia needs the X series, especially when the Lumia 520, the entry-level Windows Phone handset , is doing well , and Microsoft has managed to fill their application market applications developers with Indian and global .

Perhaps the Nokia X is only part of an experiment in laboratory R & D company , and we would therefore recommend staying away from it.

Nokia XL Android smartphone review

Before Microsoft bought the handset division of Nokia, the Finnish phone maker has worked on mid-range Android phones under the name of Normandy code.

Work on the project is complete and the devices were brand Nokia X. Could they be the biggest surprise of MWC 2014? We took a look at the Nokia XL - to 5ins is the largest device in the X family of handsets and is priced at € 109 without subscription.

Nokia gives a makeover Android :
Running a highly customized version of the Android Open Source Project (4.1.2) - the interface was made ​​to look like Windows phone - no doubt inspired by the Nokia Lumia range . This is not a bad thing, because Nokia has made a difference in the appearance of the interface and not inflated software with unnecessary stuff.
Nokia remains simple with a home screen . This lists all the applications and you can reorder , resize titles or group them into folders.

Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Skype OneDrive and are pre -loaded with popular applications like Nokia Maps , radio and music mix. Unfortunately, not all Android apps are available - users have access to 75 percent of Android with organized a Nokia Store applications. Things may have been different if Nokia was not owned by Microsoft, but it's better than not having Android apps at all .

The most notable tweak is the introduction of "Fast Lane" . Swipe left or right on the home screen , which will show the last few apps you used , as well as messages. This is a simple customization - helpful and not intrusive .

Not all features of the software has been changed. The keyboard and settings menu will be familiar to Android users .

Low-price/Mid-range specifications :
Nokia is famous for the exceptional material and the X series is no different . You'd be forgiven for thinking the means the company may have opted for cheap materials , but it is not the style of Nokia price tag of € 109. The XL has the same polycarbonate high quality that the Lumia range and is about as far as you can get bargain .

Nokia has opted for a dual- SIM configuration , which is popular in emerging markets such as Africa, but rarely seen in the western world. Nokia has not yet confirmed whether the dual- SIM range will be launched in the UK .

As the range of the Apple iPhone, Nokia devices have a built- XL on the front of the camera button. It operates primarily as a back button , but a long press to function as a home button .

Powers A dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1GHz XL smartphone with a modest 768 MB of RAM. Internal storage is on the low side with 4GB - but it can be enhanced with a micro SD card up to 32GB in size.

The XL has a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash on the back , and a snapper front 2 - megapixel . In an interesting move , Nokia will also allow the back cover to remove it. This allows users to replace the 2000mAh battery, and get access to dual - SIM and micro SD card slot .

Except in case of software problems, we think it will be a success when it is released early in the second quarter.