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Primary Use and Features of VMS

Video Message Service (VMS) is the latest mobile messaging technology developed by SMS and MMS. VMS is a fun, fast and easy to use application that can do its users, video messaging and video blogs by telephone. This is an application for inexpensive smartphone users, which can be downloaded from the Android Market and the App Store for free.
Wi-Fi connectivity allows free exchange of video content with VMS, improving accessibility for the user. Message Service includes a video picture quality and supports up to 5 minutes of video. The text may also include video content with VMS are added. VMS is more personalized, fast and efficient form of communication.
VMS is a menu similar to the menu text messages for easy use of the same. It has almost the same characteristics as other messaging services such as the creation, reception and transmission of the message.
Here are some other features of VMS, which makes him the future of mobile messaging:

VMS allows video blogs comfortable with access video blogs on a phone. VMS subscribers can subscribe and share videos on video blogs in addition to create and upload new videos on video blogs. Directly from a mobile phone

Video Message Service allows bloggers to create and upload new videos frequently drawing increased interest from visitors and participants. This allows a blogger a better ranking in the search engines with the increase of traffic on the blog. An increase in video blogging will continue to increase revenue for your blog.

Content Security VMS
To facilitate secure content VMS, the VMS is stored centrally entire contents instead of the telephone as in the case of SMS or MMS. This means that the memory is used for storing other content such as music, photos, etc., and increased memory can not be used if necessary for the salvation of VMS content. This function provides optimum safety thanks to a centralized storage system, in case of damage or loss of telephone, video content VMS will not be affected.

VMS share content with other users, a user has a subscription which acts as an authorization to share video content with other users. That means you can easily avoid the contents of the subscriber subscriber VMS unknown.

The commercial benefits of VMS
Mass distribution of embodiments of VMS VMS enables users to use it for commercial purposes such as marketing and advertising. Many companies can send video messages or simply add banners distributed advertising content for their product, service or brand. The cost-benefit ratio makes it a viable option for marketing organizations of all sizes.

Blogging video VMS can also be used by companies to promote their brand, product or service. Video Blog an official organization can be very informative as well as it can provide the information available on the company's growth, products and services of the same thing.
The broad scope of services and the use of video-message simple and inexpensive, it is the future of mobile messaging.

Send online SMS worldwide

Short Message Service or SMS as text messaging and was known as a popular means of transport communications, although mobile phones and desktop computers established written. Web service messages can be used to add text or picture messages from your computer to send online through various websites on phones. These sites offer great deals and packages for users. You need to connect your PC to the Internet, register for an account in the SMS enabled website and can immediately begin sending text messages or SMS and multimedia messages to all concerned. It is easy and convenient to use on the Internet Mail Service or SMS online as it effortlessly with the program starts by websites for anyone who wants to add the sender, either in a group or an individual.

Internet messaging services are usually on the contacts and address book database. Guests will assign a contact address book so they can mark their message recipients from the address provided. No special phones or desktop computer is for the use of this service. Once the customer is online, they can send and receive SMS messages directly from the web interface. Various sites online messaging services offer a wide range of attractive offers for their customers.

The Internet Mail Service is preferred especially by young people. As the younger generation tries always stay connected with their friends, and Internet mail is a great way to online text messages to one or more friends at the same time. The signing process is easy here as you (as specified by the service provider) by simply filling out a chart with the information to register themselves and can start this application immediately after account creation. This service offers a large service area with a solid network connection, and especially the maximum websites offer this service for free, while others with a free trial and minimal fees that come afterwards.

Internet messaging sites are reliable, fast and consistent and provide mail service based on the answers and get back to the Inbox. This service also offers the outbox and sent business goals so that recent messages can be tracked. Thanksgiving to the sender profile returned to make well informed about the status of their messages. This website also answer customer service online audience questions about their performance. One who has a computer or Internet-enabled mobile phone and online, messages over the Internet to another mobile phone with minimal cost to send (as defined by the service provider). This service not only provides messages to mobile phones, but also to the fixed network transformation into "meaningful text" (this service is only a very few of the networks included). Internet sites also met SMS forward to mobile phones and is also concerned with the installation verification test which keeps track of all messages sent and allows for easy reporting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Comparison between Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 900

As the flagship of Nokia WP8 smartphone, Nokia Lumia 920 showed its mysterious veil. Compared to Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia Lumia 920 has performance display clear, the effect of absorption and a smooth experience excellent use. Now for the differences in detail between the two.
Nokia Lumia 920
Thin body
Apparently Nokia Lumia 920 takes the reef 900th overall design of the Nokia Lumia 900th differ only subtle details of Nokia Lumia For example, Nokia Lumia 920 takes yellow instead of blue as the main color and micro USB slot located at the bottom of the unit. In addition, a larger touchscreen and hardware more Nokia Lumia 920 pushes its weight 185g, 25g rose on Nokia Lumia 900th

Breathe in the foregoing, the depth of this smartphone is not increasing. Instead, it is only 10 0.7 mm thick, thinner than Lumia 900, so it feels more comfortable.

Pure Motion HD + ISP Touch Srceen
Update will be done on the touch screen of the Nokia Lumia 920th Not only do they grow their screen size of 4.5 easily, but also takes a Pure Motion + HD IPS touchscreen faster with more pixels, brightness and higher refresh rate. Meanwhile, the Touch Response has some avant-garde creations. For example, the resolution of the touch screen to 1280-768 (WXGA) pixel intensity with topping 332PPI is, than its main competitors in the market today.

Furthermore, the technology PureMotion Nokia Lumia 920 claimed led to the most outstanding response from the screen. She responds immediately, regardless of whether you wear gloves to touch, or use a fingernail or pen on ordinary to touch himself.

Pure View Camera Technology
Nokia Lumia. 920 not only on the front of the camera 8MP reliable, the same as the Nokia Lumia 900, but it has the most advanced technology Pure View camera of the second generation and advanced optical anti-vibration technology If the burner is not in use, this may still provide Smartphone 5 times more light than others. There is the first smartphone built-in optical image stabilization.

To promote high-quality images in low light conditions, Nokia Lumia 920 uses a new backlight sensor and a Carl Zeiss lens, f/2.0 aperture, so they take better pictures in time to Cloudy, twilight or indoors. Compared with the digital map anti-shake function, optical anti-vibration technology makes Nokia Lumia 920 for clearer images even if the light is not cheap

Dual-core processor
Together with the new operating system WP8 Nokia Lumia 920 is still 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 features a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM (while the Nokia Lumia 512), all of which help you to experience smoother operation.

In addition, Nokia Lumia has rich 920 32 GB of storage and software applications. For example, the city of Nokia Kaleidoscope convenient features preinstalled on Nokia's map and location services, where users can obtain valuable information about hotels and restaurants, as they want the camera to the streets of the cities want to use.

Nokia Lumia 900
Supports wireless charging
For more standby and ideal battery life, Nokia Lumia 920 builds capacity built-in battery 1830mAh 2000mAh, extended to those in the theory of standby time and battery life. Meanwhile, as one of the new features added to the wireless charging is new smartphone. Users can load the embedded device by combining the magnetic strip on the back cover with wireless charging.

Apart from the above Nokia Lumia 920 supports NFC (short for Near Field Communication), and updates the Bluetooth V3.1 and promotes their ability to record 720p video at 1080p. In comparison with the Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 920 and progress updates.

iPhone 5: Surprises and Disappointments

After months of busy, guess, doubt, and prediction of consumers, Apple has finally unveiled the series products iPhone 5 and iPod San Francisco at 10 am, September 12, where all questions have received their answers. Its 4-inch screen, smaller data interface and slim body are exactly the same as all the expected parameters. For all these leaks of confidential data due to policy Tim Cook era're worried. During his press conference, we had two surprises and disappointments. What are they? Let's see in the following paragraphs.

Monitor the extent to widescreen
All series of Apple iPhone iPhone 1, iPhone 4, take the 3.5-inch screen, and Steve Jobs said that 3.5 inches is the maximum size for holding with one hand was. It seems that this pleased the screen size should be performed on Apple products.

Over the years for the introduction of the iPhone, the screen of the mobile phone has 2.8 inches of the enlarged Union. Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3-inch screen reaches high sales volume has reached millions. While accepting most users are big screen mobile phone, the iPhone is still on its 3.5 inches. This time, however, responds to the request Tim Cook, the user increases the size of the iPhone 5 screen to 4 inches. Of course, Apple has not forgotten what Jobs said that the maximum size of 4 inches to hold with one hand, which is why this change is reasonable.

No Capacity and average waiting time for the slimmer body
Thin a new wave of smartphone industry this year. Most smartphones, Ascend P1 from Quidway RAZR or even watch OPPO Finder "thin" as a selling point marked. But for users, all at the price of their product life thinner battery. However, the depth of the iPhone has been reduced from 5 to 7.6 mm, but it contains a processor A6 and better battery has been promoted (its standby time is 200 hours spent 255 hours). Absolutely, the update is a pleasure for the consumer.

The colorful iPod series are close to the consumer
The updated iPod series products is one of the bright spots. The shape of the iPod nano has been changed from place rectangle, obtained with the 2.5-inch screen to multi-touch and 7 colors for choice. Meanwhile, the expansion of the iPod Touch is required. A5 dual-core processor and 4-inch screen on the iPod Touch 4S can own capacity. This is good news for those who do not want to buy an iPhone.

Its point regions, including Hong Kong, China
In the past, we are the European and American countries, regions from Apple products, while China ranked second or third. But after Tim Cook came into force, the situation is changed in Hong Kong, China is one of its regions starting points.

In addition to the above mentioned four surprises follow disappointment. After the liberation, we find that many net friends to feel disappointed at the conference. For a company already at the forefront of the industry, consumers disappointed by Apple at this conference.

No surprise, he was at the conference
Steve Jobs was convinced that everything should be confidential. Therefore, we did not want to learn what products iPhone, employment, they are revealed in the press conferences. However, this belief is abandoned by the Tim Cook era. Before the announcement of the iPhone has been a lot of information on the product to the public, as nearly as it is now exposed, and all the functions are also known net friends. Following the conference started and ended in the waiting audience. No surprise.

Almost all hardware components are upgrading routine
IPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, while the appreciation of routine hardwares that many users strongly satire. But history repeats itself, as the updated iPhone 4S 5 is still limited to hardware upgrade. No changes are made to the unit, always clear the update information from A5 to A6. Apple makes innovation puny on the iPhone 5 This is indeed an unsatisfactory result for Apple, which is famous for the revolution.

Consumers will have to pay the bill for the smaller interface
This is the first time for the iPhone 5 to replace the 30pin socket interface with the latest 8-pin, a nice change to the new interface in less space. However, change is a problem, because the 30-pin interface was used for 10 years. Although Apple has official iPhone 5 interface adapter transfer buy with users instead of exchange always free. We believe that it is not for Apple users should pay the bill.

iPod Shuffer no new products
It seems that the smallest and cheapest family member Apple iPod Shuffer is ignored. iPod nano / touch-series was updated during the Shuffer remains the same. Maybe Apple has already forgotten this product.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mobile Phone Texting Abbreviations

If you want to chat rooms and instant messenger programs, chances are you're already familiar with the abbreviations SMS, perhaps without knowing it! There is not much difference between the two, although some people text abbreviations more "acceptable" if you have a full keyboard and more space than a text message can be at your fingertips. There are several ways to shorten individual words, phrases an acronym isolated, and even show some emotions with symbols.

Common Texting Abbreviations
You can feasibly string whole sentences together with texting abbreviations. You can substitute letter/number combinations for words or use a few symbols to say you're sorry, you're smiling, or you're afraid or shocked.
Even with a one word answer, you can still shorten your message to make your reply more quickly, especially if you're trying to text at a red light before it changes to green or you're standing in line at the check-out counter.

411: Information
2: To/too
4: For
2MOR/TMR: Tomorrow
6Y: Sexy
PPL: People
BF/GF: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
B4: Before
BC or B/C: Because
L8R: Later
L8: Late
Y: Why/Yes
PLS: Please
UR: Your/You're
U: You
W/O: Without
TY/TNX: Thank you/Thanks
I: Eye
C: See/sea
BZ: Busy
SRY: Sorry
An abbreviation can be worth a thousand words. Okay, maybe not quite a thousand, but more than you'd think! Here are a few examples:
  •     ?: The question mark can mean that you have a question or that you don't understand the last text from that individual. Another way to express the "I have a question" line is "?4U."
  •     If you spend any time online, you've probably seen <3 or <33. This is a sideways heart, which means love or friendship. More threes mean more love.
  •     2GTBT: Too good to be true
  •     TMI: Too much information
  •     ^^: Read the earlier message/message above
  •     .02: My two cents
  •     ILY: I love you
  •     ^5: High five
  •     4EAE: Forever and ever
  •     AAMOF: As a matter of fact
  •     WTH?: What the heck?
  •     ADAD: Another day, another dollar
  •     AYS: Are you serious?
  •     BIF: Before I forget
  •     BHL8: Be home late
  •     RU/RUOK?: Are you/Are you okay?
  •     BOL: Best of luck
  •     OMG: Oh my goodness
  •     LOL: Laughing out loud
  •     TTYL: Talk to you later
  •     BTW: By the way
  •     @TEOTD: At the end of the day
  •     4COL: For crying out loud
  •     CYE: Check your email
  •     TAU: Thinking about you
  •     TAM: Tomorrow a.m.
  •     DQMOT: Don't quote me on this
  •     DTS: Don't think so
  •     TCOY: Take care of yourself
  •     TBL: Text back later
  •     TMOT: Trust me on this
  •     THT: Think happy thoughts
Sometimes words just aren't enough, and texting abbreviations for words definitely won't get the message across. That's when emoticons come in. They're pictures or facial expressions done in symbols to convey feelings and emotions you're feeling when you're at a loss for words. Some cell phones have menus that include a few emoticons. If not, you can text your own anyway.

    :) / :-) / :-D Smile variations (tilt your head sideways)

    :| Mad, grim

    :-X Kiss

    @}->->--- Rose (there are other similar variations of this one)

    =8-0 Frightened

    <<…>> or (((…))) Hug, but replace the ellipsis with the person's name

Protecting Against Mobile Malware

Mobile malware is actually a term that describes the same thing as traditional malware, but in the context of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you have an Android smartphone or an Apple iPad, for example, may threaten your mobile device and infected with various types of malware.
The FBI warning
Problems with the rise of mobile malware is now connected as a problem that the FBI has issued a warning to mobile users in October 2012. The warning calls to protect mobile phone users to be vigilant against mobile malware that could affect the security of their devices.

The warning cites two specific versions of malware called Loozfon and FinFisher.

-Loozfon steals information, including contact information, address book of the user.
-FinFisher is a spyware that case, the components of a mobile device, granting the criminal to remotely monitor and control the infected computer.

These are just two examples, there are many other versions of mobile malware. Their way through the Internet
How to protect against infection
The FBI warning about the increased risk and prevalence of viruses for mobile phones has been issued by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The warning given to IC3 safety tips for many to protect against mobile malware attacks and infections.
  • Install a mobile security application solution: How have installed an anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer, the same thing will always be true for mobile devices. AVG is a leading antivirus on computers, but they also have an Android app and an iPhone app that will help you protect against evil.
  • Using encryption where appropriate: If you go through the security settings on your smartphone or tablet, you may be able to find an option to encrypt all data. This can be used to protect your personal data when the device is lost, stolen or compromised.
  • Beware app permissions: Whenever an application on an Android device, for example, you get a list of permissions the application are given. This may include the ability to track your position, as is the case with applications like Foursquare. If you install an unknown or less popular use, be careful about the licensing. You might be a feat for their safety may be compromised.
  • Protect your device with a password: all smartphones and tablets, you can put some kind of password or access code to the home screen. It is much safer than the ubiquitous "slide to unlock" feature. With a password, if the phone is lost, stolen or damaged, the thief will go beyond this additional security measure to access your data.
  • Avoid jailbreaking and rooting: Many people choose to jailbreak their iPhone or Android uproot their smartphones so that they are able to optimize their equipment or install unauthorized applications and unsigned. However, jailbreak and rooting also remove certain restrictions. By the manufacturer of the device, which can be implemented in order to have been imposed to protect against attacks This may expose security vulnerabilities.
  • Beware of dangerous links. How he must be careful, suspicious links sent by e-mail or instant messaging on your computer, the same should be true about the links can be found on your smartphone or tablet This can lead to the installation of mobile malware , viruses and other harmful content on the device.
  • Keep up with software updates: While software updates or firmware of your mobile device to add new features or improve performance, they can also patch discovered vulnerabilities and backdoors that hackers may try use. Using this update, you give yourself the best chance to stay as safe as possible.

Mobile malware can cause damage to your device

Mobile malware is more malicious goals:

Steal user names and passwords
Retrieve location information
Steal contact lists
Send SMS thugs and e-mails
Install unauthorized applications and software
Steal banking information and credit card
Take control of your smartphone or tablet

Risk factors for mobile malware
Risk factors that are associated with mobile malware, similar to risk factors associated with smishing scams that are perpetuated as phishing via SMS. Some common risk factors include:

The installation of unauthorized applications or unsigned software on the mobile device
With jailbroken version, roots or otherwise modified mobile device
With the help of unusual and potentially dangerous access points Wireless
Using a device with an open platform like Android, but as one who uses a closed platform such as iOS
Applications have increased privileges on the mobile device

Be aware of mobile
People came to see their smartphones and tablets to be very personal and secure devices, but this is not necessarily the case. With a permanent connection to the Internet and the current installation of new applications, the risks of mobile viruses are more important than ever. Although you can never be 100% sure, use your common sense and tips above should help reduce the risk of a malicious attack on your mobile devices.