Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 5 Cell Phones for Women

Perfect cell phones for women aren’t just a matter of buying up the first pink mobile phone that hits the shelf. While rose-hued pink cell phones are statistically more admired among the fairer gender, there is more to a high-quality cell phone for women than looks alone. Women prefer phones that are stylish enough to want to be seen with (Mobile phones, after all, are accessories) but sleek enough to slip into a clutch or pocket and functional enough to keep her associated to co-workers, clients, friends and family. So, for our rundown of ideal cell phones for women, we chose phones that can look good while doing it at all.

Motorola W490 – Bubble Gum Pink
The W490 is admittedly a bit basic for anyone who’s accustomed to smart phones. You may want to also consider the Motorola RAZR v3m which comes in fire red and is a bit more full-featured.

Samsung BlackJack II i617 – Pink
This is one serious texting, email and web phone that even gives the BlackBerry a run for its money. Amazing camera with camcorder, built-in XM radio support and GPS make this a great phone for multimedia and business users.

Pink BlackBerry Pearl 8130
The BlackBerry Pearl is the smallest BlackBerry yet and it even manages to pack in superb keyboard. The SureType keyboard is the next best thing to a QWERTY and with just a slight practice; you’ll be texting, surfing and emailing with equivalent speed and proficiency as lifelong CrackBerry addicts.

HTC Touch
With the eye catching TouchFlo user interface, the HTC Touch is attractive to behold and use. Compared to the more recent update, the HTC Touch Pro2, the HTC Touch remains a competitive phone with Windows Mobile 6, Bluetooth and WiFi and a responsive touchscreen. But here’s the kicker: the HTC Touch is free (for now). Get it while it’s hot.

Samsung Juke U470
This incredibly slim Verizon music phone might even make iPod owners green with envy. With access to Verizon’s vast selection of streaming and downloadable music, stereo Bluetooth and 2GB of internal memory, this phone is a worthy alternate for your clunky portable audio device.


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