Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cellphones and Health Issues

One of the most commonly seen, that people using their cell phones next to their ears. A blessing for the communication, has a better use of mobile phones but many health hazards. Several studies suggest that emissions can be extremely dangerous from a cell phone, so that genetic damage, tumors, memory loss and high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. This information is alarming and should be taken into account all these factors ..

Although there is no evidence that mobile phones or other diseases such as cancer, but the suspicion, fear, or the same is not cause to groundless either. Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones has a possible link with cancer. The fact that this radiation is invisible, is intangible, and in and out of our bodies without our knowledge, it is even more intimidating.
Can turn two minutes of exposure to emissions from mobile phones, a safety barrier in the body's own proteins and toxins caused a leak into the brain, the chances of developing multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease increase. (Scientists at the University of Lund in Sweden)
Scientists say that the leak caused by exposure to the phones' low-level radiation, the hemoglobin and red blood cells can lead to heart disease and kidney failure.
Recent studies of an association between cell phone use and brain tumors, and the possibility that the microwaves could ignite petroleum fumes at gas stations.
One unit of cell phone tower or communication emanates, so much radiation gadgets. This can be a problem for its immediate surroundings.

Special health problems
Cancer / Tumors:
Studies have been performed, suggesting that rats that were similar to the way microwaves generated by mobile phones, but were more exposed, breaks in their DNA, which could indicate a negative effect. In addition, exposed mice developed, the radiation brain cancer for 18 months. Obviously, these studies did not provide concrete evidence.
Blood pressure:
It was observed that people with cell phones are prone to high blood pressure. Again, there is no concrete evidence of the same.
A study by the University of Montpellier in France was carried out on chick embryos and 6000 suggested that the heavily exposed chick eggs were five times less likely than in the control group to survive.
The study raised questions about possible effects on pregnant women, but not yet published in peer-reviewed scientific reproduced literature or have been, his conclusions are difficult to assess.
Headaches, heating effects, fatigue:
A study shows that more people with cell phones, they were more symptoms such as hot ears, reporting burning skin, headaches and fatigue.
The study contained no control group (who are the people who can not do with cell phones, to make a comparison), so that the reported symptoms could by a number of other factors have been caused environment of users of mobile phones, "such as working with computers, stress, driving or reading.
There are several studies on the relationship between mobile phones and memory loss have been. One study examined the effects of radio frequency (RF) on the section of rat brain associated with memory. The results showed that RF signals in cells in a part of the brain responsible for learning and short-term memory change.
Posture (holding phone between ear and shoulder raised)
Some researchers argue that increased with cell phone between shoulder and ear could have a detrimental effect on the muscles, bones, tendons and discs have. These problems would be for a cordless phone or a landline to a mobile phone and valid are the result of poor posture.
Mobile Phones and Children:
Because their heads are smaller, thinner skulls and higher tissue conductivity, children may absorb more energy from a particular phone as an adult.

Prevention tips
Mobile phones should be used for emergencies, not for long conversations.
A small chip microwave radiation from mobile phones as a safety device at his disposal, the ability to absorb electromagnetic waves of energy from your mobile phone. It helps that the possible harmful effects of these emissions on the human body.
With a cell phone headset is a good idea, you do not have to hold the phone to your ear all the time
Use a hands-free phones while driving without taking your hands off the wheel

WHO (World Health Organization) Rules
The mobile phone users should limit their exposure to harmful frequencies by reducing the length of calls.
Hands-free devices cut exposure by keeping the instrument away from the head and body.
Driving should be talking about mobile phone cum be banned.
Mobile phones should not be used in intensive care units of hospitals, because they may pose a risk to the patient by engaging in the operation of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.
People with hearing aids should not use mobile phones.
Base stations that communicate with a low voltage antenna on the terrace with mobile phones should not be near schools and playgrounds.

Cell phone while driving
Studies indicate that many car accidents occur while the driver was on the phone. This is because during the trip we have, of course, the focus, and talking on a cell phone is useless. Some countries such as Portugal, the use of mobile phones that can not be very convenient, since its main use is achieved, while on the move prohibited. Therefore, it is important to take precautions while driving:
Put your phone on hand so that you do not have to take your eyes off the road.
Learn more about the features of your mobile phone -, redial, voice mail, they can be your lifeline. But do not dial and drive at the same time. Use a speakerphone.
Avoid using a telephone number when driving conditions are dangerous or heavy traffic. You can use your answering machine messages and call back later.
Do not engage in stressful conversations that distract your attention from the road can.
Do not take notes or go to the phone numbers while driving, wait until you can do more.
User speed dial. In fact, voice dialing, even better. He leaves your hands free. Frequently called numbers can be programmed.
You might have an answering machine, the messages until the calls can be re-installed. Let your fellow passengers manage calls when you are not traveling alone.

Globalization is the new mantra. At this age it is very hard not to have the technology. But with technology, are some dangers. The only way to beat this is a new and better technology. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Increasingly wireless communications services (cellular phones, paging, wireless Internet) are expected if the electromagnetic radiation is artificial. It seems that there is no way to reverse this trend. Scientists and engineers develop better and safer wireless systems and devices. Cell smaller, more base station antennas and other advanced technologies make it possible to radiate future phones to be in a position much lower. So one can only hope that the dangers of cell phones reduced.


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    There's a FREE application called “Talk Intact”.
    It reduces unnecessary cell-phone radiation exposure by automatically disabling WIFI, bluetooth and mobile data during a call (when cell phone held closely to the head) and enabling it back at the end of it.