Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nokia Asha Series

Nokia unveiled a series of smartphones in the most excited with the name "Asha". The company has high expectations for these devices to unlock the unique features of mobile phone enthusiasts. Means that the literary name of Asha is hope.

Nokia Asha 303 - A Smarter QWERTY With Touch
The stylish, slim Nokia Asha 303 ​​has a touch screen for exceptional responsiveness that is ideal for applications & Surf. Plus, enjoy a full QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia 303 ​​to Asha SMS quick - all about the dynamics of 2.6-inch display. Asha Nokia 303 ​​is a powerful social network hub. It's easier than ever to stay connected to what's important. Asha Nokia 303 ​​is powerful, with a 1 GHz processor, and features the latest 3.5G and Wi-Fi support for fast connectivity. Asha Nokia 303 ​​is preloaded with applications such as large Angry Birds Lite. & If you want more, you can benefit from easy access to thousands of games and applications on the Nokia Store. Asha Nokia 303 ​​- Fast, elegant and stylish.

Nokia Asha 302 - Elegance Meets Speed
A fast, easy way to stay connected. Nokia Asha 302 lets you enjoy rapid 3.5G connectivity, easiest access to Facebook and email, quick 1 GHz processor, & a QWERTY keyboard in an elegant package. Combining quality materials & premium aesthetics, Nokia Asha 302 is not just about the looks, It's easier than ever to access what's important to you. Nokia Asha 302 is a sight to behold with its highly refined metallic look. Check live status updates on Nokia Asha 302 from Facebook, keep chatting via Whatsapp or Facebook chat, & stay connected to popular email services.
Nokia Asha 200 - Colorful QWERTY. Easy Swap Dual SIM.
Nokia Asha 200 features: A colourful QWERTY phone with Easy Swap dual SIM. Use the Easy Swap function of Nokia Asha 200 to swap multiple SIM cards on the go. Use the QWERTY. The Nokia Asha 200 makes staying in touch easy. Enjoy the enhanced stereo FM radio & record songs straight to your Nokia Asha 200 with FM recording. Use your favorite email accounts, chat quickly, & update Facebook & other social networks right from your Nokia Asha 200. With Nokia Asha 200 there's a lot to discover, so get ready to explore. 
Nokia Asha 300 - Fun & Fast.
Get the speed that you need with Nokia Asha 300 when you want to go online, Make the home screen yours on Nokia Asha 300 with everything you want just a touch away, The Nokia Asha 300 makes staying in touch really easy. Update your Facebook status or send a tweet, Use the 5 MP camera of Nokia Asha 300 to snap all the nice things and the surprising things you find in your daily life. 

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