Thursday, April 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy mini S 5570

Whether you have a phone or not is not a rebellion in question today? O world, but the hot topic in society is that if you only with a phone or a smartphone. The second issue is to make your way is that the brand you have. And everyone is aware of a mark in this highly competitive era. Therefore, the realization of a smartphone into a status symbol for everyone in this world. To make it possible for you, a smartphone that does everything have the Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini right for you. The phone comes with Android OS v2.2 Froyo to produce fast and powerful performance. This. With TouchWiz UI v3.0 and 600 MHz (MSM 7227-1) processor, which makes the user experience beautifully accompanied the top, it is spectacular with various multimedia features and equipped to a very reasonable price. So, are you ready to enjoy a delicious Droid?
Elegant Touch
Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini is a touchscreen phone with 3.14 inch QVGA TFT display with capacitive bar resolution of 320 x 240p, an excellent view of images and data offerings. During the execution of it in your palm, you get stars to add your personality as it looks stylish smartphone. The phone also seems cute and bouncy, with its compact design. The striking color combination of black and green are look more attractive to the eyes. And secondly, with the dimensions and weight, 110.4 x 60.6 x 12.1 mm and 108.8 g and it is easy to store and carry, and therefore takes little space in your pocket or purse hand. The phone comes from the acceleration sensor, proximity sensor and digital compass, making it easier to use and produces excellent performance, and therefore, makes your job easier than ever to have power. On the other hand, is a pleasant addition QuickType Swype.

High on Media
Samsung has always been known for its quality products and world class. And it keeps repeating the success story up. Yes, the Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini is a great example of that. To date, the phone has retained its market demand. The phone comes with 3.0 megapixel front camera that allows you to capture every moment of sweet or activity of your loved one offers. You may also several shooting modes, including single frame, continuous, panorama shot and smile detection, special effects to recorded images and video (QVGA @ 15fps), add your near and dear. No doubt the picture quality is deliciously crispy, while the other hand, the video quality is not to score.

Not only that, you can also enjoy your music phone in the world of the famous family of Samsung develops. You can easily to your MP3 player, video player and FM radio (with RDS) and tune in, listen to your favorite tracks to your taste and mood. For excellent sound quality, you can use 3.5mm headphones and speakers come with the phone. That said, if you're a social person, the phone supports 2G and 3G networks as well as you surf the Internet and so stay tuned to your friends anytime and anywhere you want. If the capacity of the memory is the problem for you, worry no more. Yes, of course, the phone has enough storage capacity of 160 MB and the maximum extendable to 32 GB with microSD card with the files of abundance can to save her.

Powerful performer
In this hectic world, everyone wants to mobile phones with long battery backup. And if in case the phone does not come with excellent power management, the handset is not worth the buy. But you need to worry about it, is the Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini with 1200 mAh Li-Ion standard, which survived for a long time in both 2G and 3G network as well and it is by a performer power packed performer.

Affordable Entertainer
If you set a budget for the smartphone, and with almost all the necessary functions, the Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini assembled a cute and smart phone can be a good option to consider. Overall, this is an affordable touch-screen smartphone that you can take with you anytime, anywhere as a status symbol.

The Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini is very new and the newest addition to the Galaxy series of Samsung mobile phone. The handset is very intelligent and will run on Android and has plenty to offer its users. This is a phone that's smart search bar designed and very functional. Samsung Mobile Price is adjusted and can easily fit into the budget of the common man. The 5570 Mini S is available in white, black and green.

The S Mini 5570 weighs only 0.8 grams and 108 is very compact and light, which is comfortable to wear and is also ideal for SMS messages. The footprint of the 110th 4 x 60 x 12.1 mm 0.6. the screen is capacitive and 14-inch TFT QVGA touch screen that displays 256K colors. The resulting images are bright and clear. The resolution is 320 x 240 pixels and comes with Touch Wiz UI v3.0 Swipe methods of text input. The sensors are very futuristic and offer you the proximity sensor, so it can be used, the automatic stop device, accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotation function and a digital compass to be.

The camera function is excellent 3 0 megapixels and comes with full concentration. The resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels. The various features of the camera can be equipped to improve your photos and you can show your picture with your friends. This is possible thanks to the unique-shot, shooting panoramic, multi-touch zoom, continuous shooting, etc. They now recognize it, too strong and sharper images of your loved ones on special occasions. Music feature is another great benefit to the user that supports a clear and loud music with the included stereo and listen to music at different size can be expected. FM radio can be good features to help you listen to music all day. The Galaxy has a lot of mobile connectivity options like GPRS, Bluetooth, wireless protocol, micro-USB 2.0 High Speed, EDGE and a 3G-enabled mobile phone.

The battery is a standard Li-Ion and has a capacity of 1200 mAh and provides a standby time of 571 hours in 2G and 444 hours on 3G. The time is made available to 576 minutes and 382 minutes for 2G 3G.

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