Saturday, May 12, 2012

Android Phones-The Latest Popular Trend in Mobile Phone Technology

Android phones are all the rage and madness that took over the buyers of mobile phones. These phones are better known as smartphones with Android features and technology with numerous applications. Android mobile devices are now the most preferred mobile with advanced and modern technology. It proved to be too high after global telephony segment to search for their application attractive download installation. Android itself is primarily an operating system based on Linux. This system was first used by Andy Rubin and Google has developed its growing popularity, will only lead to an increased number of membership.

Android phones at a low cost platform for downloading tools, and Internet applications to provide free of cost. You do not need for applications that are available for Android and can be downloaded free of charge to pay. These applications are often developed by third parties or a professional software development company. These applications are created in accordance with the requirements of different customers and are using technology that requires no license or permit. These applications are more affordable and reasonable for them to create unique applications for the Android market. Today, most mobile phones are built with such systems, and accordingly low, based on various properties.

Android phones are built with advanced technology that provides an integrated platform required for various applications. Several programs can be combined on the Android platform. Many-a-time, mobile development companies use Android as a platform to combine programs or its operators. These phones are the most coveted and highly sought after mobile phones of the current generation. These phones are designed for its multi-tasking, multi-functionality and usability-known. They are mainly used by the custom graphics library with 2D and 3D developed using OpenGL ES 1.0 managed.

Android phones are designed to make tasks easier and that the necessary security measures for security reasons. These have a working application framework, which is to re-use or replacement of components of the phone. The browser of the phone depends on the engine for open source WebKit and equipped with SQLite for data storage. These phones are also supported media formats including audio, video and other formats for still images such as MPEG4, H.264, MP3, MP4, AAC, etc. have enabled these phones also add several features such as 3G-it, Bluetooth, Wi- Fi, camera, GPS navigator and a compass on the handsets.

Other integral properties of these high-end mobile phones or expanded memory capacity of memory, performance profiling, emulator, debugger and plugins. These phones are marked by features such as stylish design, dual-core processor and AMOLED applications. Brands like Sony phones offer tailored features, such as Timescape, messaging and downloading applications from institutions based Android platform. Micromax also provides various support functions such as Android touchscreen, GPS navigation, Android Market, sensors, etc. The other striking feature of the RAM capacity of 256 MB of mobile phones, 512 MB ROM, flash, light sensor, video recording resolution 320x240 (QVGA), 16 GB of expandable memory, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, USB, etc

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