Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Protect a Smartphone from Viruses

The use of smartphones for the execution of business and personal tasks is actually increasing as these mobile devices have made life easier. However, not enough to buy a smart phone and learn about their characteristics, it is important to ensure that the device is working properly by protecting against viruses and malware. According to reports, only 4 percent of smartphone users are aware antivirus software available in the mobile market and the use of their smartphones. This makes the data analyzed as information on the identity and passwords vulnerable financial result. What smartphone unprotected turn makes it easier for authors to conduct identity theft and theft of passwords and usernames The end result is that the smartphone is useless and worthless. Protect against viruses smartphones Malthus is very important, each user must download the legitimate antivirus software immediately after purchasing a smartphone.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep your smartphone protected against viruses:

1.Exercise Caution - Be careful when opening attachments or MMS messages on your smartphone. Never open attachments from unknown recipients. So open an attachment Tellows a contact if the message looks suspicious at first sight. More than once, the mobile device of the sender or desktop is infected by a virus that sends messages and open only help spread the virus. So be careful when opening the links are part of similar emails or text messages.

2.Download legitimate sources - One of the most frequent activities performed with a smartphone is downloading mobile applications. Be sure to download legitimate applications only in stores. Reading the comments on the application to download will help you decide whether the source is legitimate or not. Remember that most viruses are transmitted from the smartphone to download financial applications, false antivirus applications, social networking applications and gaming applications.

3.Do not share memory cards - Use safe practice of memory cards is very important to stop the spread of the virus. Do not use the same card on multiple mobile devices.

4.Watch Bluetooth option - the Bluetooth on a smart phone should always be set to "not found". Most viruses enter a mobile device to another via Bluetooth connections. Most Bluetooth devices on or off Tellows viruses steal information, however, can run camera battery down trying constantly to detect Bluetooth connections neighbors.

5.Use effective antivirus software - Use anti-virus software on a smartphone is very important. This not only helps protect the device against the virus, but creates a backup of the data stored on your smartphone. Some types of antivirus software issue warnings when new applications downloaded to the device may cause virus attacks and assign privacy settings. Some antivirus programs allow users to create a panic button which will to prevent the imminent attack of the virus through phone calls or text messages.

6.Regular software update - Update software for smartphones is very important to maintain the safety components in the mobile asset. Normal Updating wants to ensure that all types of malware and viruses are not allowed to enter the smartphone.

Here are some simple tips to remember to keep a smartphone protected against viruses. Although the list of ways to combat the virus is endless ideas above Make sure your smartphone is kept free of infection, safe and in good condition.


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