Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Windows Mobile- New App Development Trend in the Market

Windows Mobile is often called "the new kid on the block. But it does not mean that the operating system has problems of its brand in the market for mobile application development. Launched just two years ago, in 2010, Windows Mobile has steadily were grown and significantly less than a year after its introduction in the mobile market. Almost 20,000 mobile applications designed to run on the Windows Mobile operating system in the space of nine months. Today there are more than 80,000 mobile applications that have been designed exclusively for Windows Mobile. These applications are used on a wide range of industries such as photography, health, education, games, etc.
With the increasing number of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PDAs, and the subsequent increase in demand for mobile applications running on these devices, app development companies looking for an OS platform that not only allows, applications are easier to build, but is also compatible with the technology used to develop mobile applications. Windows Mobile from Microsoft launched established itself as the one of the hottest names in the world of operating system platforms, which supports the development of mobile applications. It is. Well as intelligent operating system (SOS) Let us take a look at some of the advantages that have contributed to the increase in the use of Windows Mobile operating system:

1-Applications such as MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Media Player from Windows Mobile provided. These are all essential elements for a mobile terminal users.

2-Ease of use is an important element in the production technology accepted by users. Since users are already familiar with the applications provided by Windows Mobile after using MS Office on the desktop available, it is easier to perform tasks with the same applications on mobile devices. A study shows that more than 50 percent of Windows Mobile users prefer this platform because of their familiarity with WD OS.

3- Windows Mobile is considered more reliable by the users as it offers users and application developers with advanced security features.

4- A user can migrate the old version of Windows Mobile OS to the new version, without the help of a professional. This means that the customer can choose to use the advanced features of the new version and meet his / her individual needs, without the need for professional skills.

5- Return on Investment or ROI is good for the Windows Mobile platform, the production of good quality but affordable mobile applications helps.

6- Despite the fact that multiple versions of the OS were released in a short time, Windows Mobile has an easy to use interface. Because users can access newer versions, the entertainment aspect of the Windows Mobile OS is also high. Customers frequently discover new operating system features.

7- The number of features built into the platform Windows Mobile OS also high. By using the technology of ASP.Net, Java, PHP, C, C + +, VB.NET, and many others, as part of Windows Mobile is able to support multiple requirements and is a favorite for single users as well mobile application developers.

With the rapid growth in use and popularity of Windows Mobile operating system, many companies are working outsourcing app development to obtain high-quality applications based on Windows Mobile at an affordable price

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