Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mobiles Apps for Students

Whether it's notes, recording lectures or monitoring tasks, students can choose from a variety of applications for the most popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS and Web OS. In addition, most of these applications for students, with the exception of overall productivity suites that are free for download and installation directly from a mobile phone or a website.
Free Apps
Students who are iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users can use this free application to view and download files on the go. Dropbox allows users to store files online and access them anywhere access to the service is available. File formats supported are text documents, PDF files, images, audio files, videos and presentations, and students can create folders to store materials for classes or for specific projects. Although the app is free, users of a free basic plan or bonus plan may include storage space online to choose. The application also includes editing documents.
This useful application is available for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Web OS and BlackBerry phones and provides students with a digital notepad, text, images and video clips are sites to create. To synchronize all the notes on the Evernote account the user to access the Evernote Web site, desktop applications, and other mobile devices. It also allows users to share notes with others, audio notes and create checklists. The search function of the application, it is easy to find content, regardless of the number of data contains the digital notebook.
AudioNote Lite
This application for Android phones and the iPhone makes recording simple audio conferencing and can write on the user. Synchronization with audio users may choose to enter notes with a mobile phone keyboard or write handwritten notes recording. Since the audio recording games, highlights the application notes on the specific point in the recording made.
That article writing or reading complex documents, students can use the application quickly seek unknown words on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. The application allows users to search for words in both the dictionary and thesaurus, and it has an additional feature that allows users to search for words, can speak into the phone's microphone.
Students can this Android app and iPhone to keep track of all homework and class tests, and receive alerts when projects are due. The application allows users to enter their current work class name or class meeting time. The application synchronizes all data myHomework site for playback on other devices.
Blackboard Mobile Learn
Students, online college courses, which can implement the Blackboard platform you install this application on high quality materials make posts in forums online, view grades and contact teachers. Supported by iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Web OS, this application brings to the class online from anywhere with a wireless Internet connection.
The application file sharing for Android and iPhone offers a unique way to share files, calendar, contacts, music, applications, and even other students. Instead of sharing files via e-mail or via a website that students can easily fall on their phones to share files and applications.
Paid Apps
While some free applications for students, such as Dropbox and Evernote, good enough to manage text documents, these include productivity suites and paid tools allow users formatting to create the most advanced types of documents . Integration with storage services based on Web is another useful feature.
Documents To Go
Students will be able to write documents to create, to make presentations and spreadsheets, the application may need to view and edit various types of files for the class. Not only it allows files to a computer user, but it also supports many wireless storage services including Dropbox, Google Docs and The application works with a desktop application that holds all documents synchronized between a mobile device and the computer. Documents will work on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones and devices running Palm OS.

SoftMaker Office
Windows Mobile users can create this application and Microsoft Office documents. What makes this different application of other mobile productivity software is that all documents in the application created to retain their original shape when viewed on a computer. The application is included formatting tools, it's easy, presentations, spreadsheets and complete documents with graphics, tables, and create effects.

Essay Writing Workstation
While other productivity suites you can simply enter user or create documents, this iPhone application is workstation complete write and walk students through the entire writing process. Students can complete their entire writing projects, including brainstorming ideas, so that outline, conduct surveys, writing a draft, revise and refine the final draft.

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