Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nokia XL Android smartphone review

Before Microsoft bought the handset division of Nokia, the Finnish phone maker has worked on mid-range Android phones under the name of Normandy code.

Work on the project is complete and the devices were brand Nokia X. Could they be the biggest surprise of MWC 2014? We took a look at the Nokia XL - to 5ins is the largest device in the X family of handsets and is priced at € 109 without subscription.

Nokia gives a makeover Android :
Running a highly customized version of the Android Open Source Project (4.1.2) - the interface was made ​​to look like Windows phone - no doubt inspired by the Nokia Lumia range . This is not a bad thing, because Nokia has made a difference in the appearance of the interface and not inflated software with unnecessary stuff.
Nokia remains simple with a home screen . This lists all the applications and you can reorder , resize titles or group them into folders.

Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Skype OneDrive and are pre -loaded with popular applications like Nokia Maps , radio and music mix. Unfortunately, not all Android apps are available - users have access to 75 percent of Android with organized a Nokia Store applications. Things may have been different if Nokia was not owned by Microsoft, but it's better than not having Android apps at all .

The most notable tweak is the introduction of "Fast Lane" . Swipe left or right on the home screen , which will show the last few apps you used , as well as messages. This is a simple customization - helpful and not intrusive .

Not all features of the software has been changed. The keyboard and settings menu will be familiar to Android users .

Low-price/Mid-range specifications :
Nokia is famous for the exceptional material and the X series is no different . You'd be forgiven for thinking the means the company may have opted for cheap materials , but it is not the style of Nokia price tag of € 109. The XL has the same polycarbonate high quality that the Lumia range and is about as far as you can get bargain .

Nokia has opted for a dual- SIM configuration , which is popular in emerging markets such as Africa, but rarely seen in the western world. Nokia has not yet confirmed whether the dual- SIM range will be launched in the UK .

As the range of the Apple iPhone, Nokia devices have a built- XL on the front of the camera button. It operates primarily as a back button , but a long press to function as a home button .

Powers A dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1GHz XL smartphone with a modest 768 MB of RAM. Internal storage is on the low side with 4GB - but it can be enhanced with a micro SD card up to 32GB in size.

The XL has a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash on the back , and a snapper front 2 - megapixel . In an interesting move , Nokia will also allow the back cover to remove it. This allows users to replace the 2000mAh battery, and get access to dual - SIM and micro SD card slot .

Except in case of software problems, we think it will be a success when it is released early in the second quarter.

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