Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to free More RAM on Mobile Phone

Three methods to free more ram on your mobile phone.
Method 1: Flight mode:
Put your phone in "Flight" with Psiloc System Tools. Install System Tools, open it and select "Flight mode". This allows the phone without a SIM card can be restarted, there is no phone tasks running in the background. Now you can store up to 3.5 MB of free RAM!
Note: paradoxically, the flight mode does not work when Smart Launcher is installed, at least in my case. But I also have several reports of people who carried out the two applications without hearing problems.

Method 2: Smart Launcher trick:
Install Smart Launcher and open. Go to Options, Settings and put launcher.
Now in your charger plug and turn off your phone. Wait until the charging indicator appears and short press the Menu button (do not).
The menu should appear and you can now have 03/05 to 04/05 MB of free RAM! (Hold Menu button to check RAM).
The thing is that it is plugged into the charger, the phone must get a minimum software support for charging, even if the phone is off. And somehow Smart Launcher has still its shortcut running and that is the menu button. So if you press the menu button will take you directly to the menu without any other phone tasks in the background so you trick the phone and you have more free RAM! Note: If you unplug the charger from the mains, switch off the phone.

Method 3: Menu:
This method, which I found by myself, it releases some 100 ~ 200 KB but I think it's useful sometimes
Close your menu not by pressing the right button for selecting "exit" or close by pressing the menu key another time, she said off the menu application, but do not close the select button on the left selection "option" and scroll down and select "Exit"

So if you open an application needs more RAM to open the menu and close it, it is useful when playing with the video in low flow in paradise real-time player.

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