Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soft Reset and Hard Reset of Mobile Phone

Soft-reset - It is process of resetting whole settings on the cellphone to factory settings! No applications deleted.
Hard reset - Is like formatting the hard drive! It will format the memory. All that was installed after the first use of the phone removed. It is the phone memory to retrieve the state which bought it. It is done by inputting the following code:
* # 7370 # 

Note: The battery must be full or the charger can be connected to the phone, so there is no shortage of power and make the phone unusable.

How totally format your Nokia phone and remove all installed applications, user files and restore all
Settings to their default values, because it is new out of the box? (Non-OEM applications such as Camera and RealOne Player will be deleted).

Format first MMC: Menu> Extras> Memory> Options> Format mem. Card> Yes.
Note: It is very important to your format MMC before you format.
Then format your phone by typing * # 7370 # on main Phone screen.
Phone will ask: "Restore all original phone settings, phone restarts?". Press "Yes" and enter your lock code (default 12345).
Tip: Formatting takes several minutes so you'd better connect your cellphone to a charger to ensure that your battery from empty in the middle of formatting.
Note: All your access points and lost the mailboxes, so make a note of them to be. And all settings are reset.
For example, In Camera, image quality is again set to normal and memory in use is returned to the phone memory. And also in the messages, used to the phone memory, etc. Also backup your contacts with PC Suite or a program like Business Contact Manager.

To reset your wallet, you should forget your PIN,
* # 7370925538 #
This will reset the wallet code, the contents of the portfolio will be deleted.

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