Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Comparison between Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 900

As the flagship of Nokia WP8 smartphone, Nokia Lumia 920 showed its mysterious veil. Compared to Nokia Lumia 900 Nokia Lumia 920 has performance display clear, the effect of absorption and a smooth experience excellent use. Now for the differences in detail between the two.
Nokia Lumia 920
Thin body
Apparently Nokia Lumia 920 takes the reef 900th overall design of the Nokia Lumia 900th differ only subtle details of Nokia Lumia For example, Nokia Lumia 920 takes yellow instead of blue as the main color and micro USB slot located at the bottom of the unit. In addition, a larger touchscreen and hardware more Nokia Lumia 920 pushes its weight 185g, 25g rose on Nokia Lumia 900th

Breathe in the foregoing, the depth of this smartphone is not increasing. Instead, it is only 10 0.7 mm thick, thinner than Lumia 900, so it feels more comfortable.

Pure Motion HD + ISP Touch Srceen
Update will be done on the touch screen of the Nokia Lumia 920th Not only do they grow their screen size of 4.5 easily, but also takes a Pure Motion + HD IPS touchscreen faster with more pixels, brightness and higher refresh rate. Meanwhile, the Touch Response has some avant-garde creations. For example, the resolution of the touch screen to 1280-768 (WXGA) pixel intensity with topping 332PPI is, than its main competitors in the market today.

Furthermore, the technology PureMotion Nokia Lumia 920 claimed led to the most outstanding response from the screen. She responds immediately, regardless of whether you wear gloves to touch, or use a fingernail or pen on ordinary to touch himself.

Pure View Camera Technology
Nokia Lumia. 920 not only on the front of the camera 8MP reliable, the same as the Nokia Lumia 900, but it has the most advanced technology Pure View camera of the second generation and advanced optical anti-vibration technology If the burner is not in use, this may still provide Smartphone 5 times more light than others. There is the first smartphone built-in optical image stabilization.

To promote high-quality images in low light conditions, Nokia Lumia 920 uses a new backlight sensor and a Carl Zeiss lens, f/2.0 aperture, so they take better pictures in time to Cloudy, twilight or indoors. Compared with the digital map anti-shake function, optical anti-vibration technology makes Nokia Lumia 920 for clearer images even if the light is not cheap

Dual-core processor
Together with the new operating system WP8 Nokia Lumia 920 is still 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 features a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM (while the Nokia Lumia 512), all of which help you to experience smoother operation.

In addition, Nokia Lumia has rich 920 32 GB of storage and software applications. For example, the city of Nokia Kaleidoscope convenient features preinstalled on Nokia's map and location services, where users can obtain valuable information about hotels and restaurants, as they want the camera to the streets of the cities want to use.

Nokia Lumia 900
Supports wireless charging
For more standby and ideal battery life, Nokia Lumia 920 builds capacity built-in battery 1830mAh 2000mAh, extended to those in the theory of standby time and battery life. Meanwhile, as one of the new features added to the wireless charging is new smartphone. Users can load the embedded device by combining the magnetic strip on the back cover with wireless charging.

Apart from the above Nokia Lumia 920 supports NFC (short for Near Field Communication), and updates the Bluetooth V3.1 and promotes their ability to record 720p video at 1080p. In comparison with the Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 920 and progress updates.

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