Wednesday, November 21, 2012

iPhone 5: Surprises and Disappointments

After months of busy, guess, doubt, and prediction of consumers, Apple has finally unveiled the series products iPhone 5 and iPod San Francisco at 10 am, September 12, where all questions have received their answers. Its 4-inch screen, smaller data interface and slim body are exactly the same as all the expected parameters. For all these leaks of confidential data due to policy Tim Cook era're worried. During his press conference, we had two surprises and disappointments. What are they? Let's see in the following paragraphs.

Monitor the extent to widescreen
All series of Apple iPhone iPhone 1, iPhone 4, take the 3.5-inch screen, and Steve Jobs said that 3.5 inches is the maximum size for holding with one hand was. It seems that this pleased the screen size should be performed on Apple products.

Over the years for the introduction of the iPhone, the screen of the mobile phone has 2.8 inches of the enlarged Union. Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3-inch screen reaches high sales volume has reached millions. While accepting most users are big screen mobile phone, the iPhone is still on its 3.5 inches. This time, however, responds to the request Tim Cook, the user increases the size of the iPhone 5 screen to 4 inches. Of course, Apple has not forgotten what Jobs said that the maximum size of 4 inches to hold with one hand, which is why this change is reasonable.

No Capacity and average waiting time for the slimmer body
Thin a new wave of smartphone industry this year. Most smartphones, Ascend P1 from Quidway RAZR or even watch OPPO Finder "thin" as a selling point marked. But for users, all at the price of their product life thinner battery. However, the depth of the iPhone has been reduced from 5 to 7.6 mm, but it contains a processor A6 and better battery has been promoted (its standby time is 200 hours spent 255 hours). Absolutely, the update is a pleasure for the consumer.

The colorful iPod series are close to the consumer
The updated iPod series products is one of the bright spots. The shape of the iPod nano has been changed from place rectangle, obtained with the 2.5-inch screen to multi-touch and 7 colors for choice. Meanwhile, the expansion of the iPod Touch is required. A5 dual-core processor and 4-inch screen on the iPod Touch 4S can own capacity. This is good news for those who do not want to buy an iPhone.

Its point regions, including Hong Kong, China
In the past, we are the European and American countries, regions from Apple products, while China ranked second or third. But after Tim Cook came into force, the situation is changed in Hong Kong, China is one of its regions starting points.

In addition to the above mentioned four surprises follow disappointment. After the liberation, we find that many net friends to feel disappointed at the conference. For a company already at the forefront of the industry, consumers disappointed by Apple at this conference.

No surprise, he was at the conference
Steve Jobs was convinced that everything should be confidential. Therefore, we did not want to learn what products iPhone, employment, they are revealed in the press conferences. However, this belief is abandoned by the Tim Cook era. Before the announcement of the iPhone has been a lot of information on the product to the public, as nearly as it is now exposed, and all the functions are also known net friends. Following the conference started and ended in the waiting audience. No surprise.

Almost all hardware components are upgrading routine
IPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, while the appreciation of routine hardwares that many users strongly satire. But history repeats itself, as the updated iPhone 4S 5 is still limited to hardware upgrade. No changes are made to the unit, always clear the update information from A5 to A6. Apple makes innovation puny on the iPhone 5 This is indeed an unsatisfactory result for Apple, which is famous for the revolution.

Consumers will have to pay the bill for the smaller interface
This is the first time for the iPhone 5 to replace the 30pin socket interface with the latest 8-pin, a nice change to the new interface in less space. However, change is a problem, because the 30-pin interface was used for 10 years. Although Apple has official iPhone 5 interface adapter transfer buy with users instead of exchange always free. We believe that it is not for Apple users should pay the bill.

iPod Shuffer no new products
It seems that the smallest and cheapest family member Apple iPod Shuffer is ignored. iPod nano / touch-series was updated during the Shuffer remains the same. Maybe Apple has already forgotten this product.

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