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Top 10 Mobile Phones for Kids

With more than eighty percent of children with a mobile phone at the age of nine years, chances are that your child will want their own phone very soon. But what are the considerations when buying a cell phone for a child? Today we are looking for what to look for in a mobile phone of the child, as well as the ten best phones on the market that are children. So if your child wants their own phone, then look no further, here are the top 10 mobile phones for children ...
If my child have a cell phone?
Many parents with whether or not to fight buy a phone for their child, and there are dangers. You do not want your child to have false information on the Internet, and you do not want to give contact information to strangers in chat or in chat rooms or via e-mail services to people you do not know. However, with the right phone and some education, these problems can be overcome. And there are benefits for your child with a cell phone as well. Your child will still be able to contact you in an emergency, and you will always be kept in a position to get them. And if your child is old enough to go by himself, is a cell phone is not a bad idea.

Top 10 Cell Phones for children ...
With children in mind, this list of the top 10 mobile phones is very special. We have cell phones that were cheap, you do not want to spend a fortune on a device that will be lost or stolen, but also solid than spending a great probability is that leaves me the phone to down. Some of these devices have a limited Internet connection, and others have the full capacity of the Internet with parental controls, which can be accessed via the settings menu.

1- The Samsung B2100
It's cheap, but more importantly, it is robust. The Samsung B2100 is the perfect child on the phone. There is no 3G connectivity or touch screen, so there is little risk that your child is something they should not or you destroy the screen. In addition, there is a complete physical keyboard that many children find it easier to use.

2- Nokia Asha 300
The Asha 300 is really a rugged phone, which means it is designed to be outside and be subject to less mild conditions. It is always cheap, and it has physical keyboard. It has 3G capabilities, but there is a parental lock, so it can prevent a good phone for the smallest phone to access the Internet.

3- Doro PhoneEasy 605
Designed with the young and the elderly in mind, the Doro is not expensive and has a physical keyboard flip phone, it is quite robust. There is also an emergency call button a button that can be programmed to your phone at home, so. Reasonable choice for young children and there is no internet connection at all.

4-The Nokia 203
This is another basic Nokia phone again cheap and robust. It is a physical keyboard and limited Internet connectivity, although this can be turned off and locked in the Settings menu. Older children will probably not be satisfied with the basic model, but it is perfect for children and adolescents.

5- Nokia Asha 201
This is a better phone for older children and has a full QWERTY keyboard, making it ideal for the constant text messaging. There is limited Internet capacity, but can be deactivated again and locked. In addition, there is a pretty decent music player, so that pre-teens will be impressed. It's cheap and not easy to break.

6- iPhone 3G
Old model iPhones can be difficult to find, but 3G is a good compromise for older children who want a "real" smartphone. 3G is now fairly cheap and easy on the second hand market. It has a touch screen, but is still quite robust. It has full 3G capabilities, but iPhones still the parental control, you are protected by a password so that it can not be changed. This is a good model for older children who want more than just a phone.

7- Huawei G6153
A full QWERTY keyboard and a large bright screen makes this phone a good choice for pre-teens who always want the text. It is robust and is not easily broken, and cost £ 50 so. There is limited internet access, but it can be disabled. The keys are also larger than most other phones QWERTY keyboard, which makes them perfect for the little finger.

8- The Sony Xperia Tipo
The Tipo is a touchscreen smartphone fully shielded, and is a great starter phone for pre-teens. It has many new features and some nice applications are included in the price. And despite the shielded contact, it is actually quite robust and can withstand a drop or two. There is full access to the Internet on the Tipo, but there are parental control settings in the menu, you can disable all applications or Internet connectivity, as you wish. Even the most demanding child should settle for a Tipo, and around 60 pounds, so it will not break the bank.

9- Alcatel Salsa
This is one of the most basic phones on the market. It is a touch-tone phone and did not touch the screen. It is easy to use, however, and there is no internet, so no chance for your child to do things he should not. Alcatel salsa and cost about £ 20 with most mobile operators, so it will not be a big deal when it is inevitably lost ...

10- The Samsung E1195
And finally, another clamshell phone with keyboard. The E1195 is a phone start for young children, and will not be easily broken. There is no touch screen and no internet access. And it costs less than £ 20, and so it is not a good investment.

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