Friday, September 6, 2013

Top 5 Free Android Apps for Startups in 2013

Did you know that to date , more than 1 million Android devices are activated every day (that's 12 every second! ) There are 48 billion Apps downloaded to date applications and adding more at an alarming rate . Android apps are the best, because the operating system on which they run . Android is very suitable and contains advantage of the features of the box, the Android application development is gaining momentum with each passing year has helped. It is a mobile operating system open source are used to develop applications that help customers meet their needs. Mobile Application Development Android is very popular and customized to meet the different needs of customers . Android Game Development has also built games that require the use of all his players excited and make it more difficult.
Today, you can do almost anything with Android on mobile how to book tickets for travel trips , pay utility bills , pay the phone bill , to pay phone bill, movie tickets books, buy something or e- shops, etc. There is not one thing that we do not rest can be done from a mobile .

Today, Android Marketplace features more than 10,000 applications for personal finance games and utilities. The output of the Android tablet is beneficial for various institutions, it is gaining popularity day by day. The latest trend is through cell phones with apps that you can do in nature.

Some of the features you decide on what qualities make for a good Android app :

An Android application can gather information quickly and dispatch by the action

Android comes with custom tools that are easy to use

It has an integration engine browser-based web -kit

Memory usage and consumption of the battery is less

It delivers rich internet application development using

Can easily adapt to changes in the IT world

Images, voice and video can be easily supported by Android.
Here is a list of 5 best free Android apps of all time and is very popular in this year 2013.

1st, Snapseed: This is a software for advanced photo-editing each phone or tablet. It is the only photo application you want to use every day, with a rich , high-quality photo fits of each photo directly hand experience. Anyone can enhance , transform , and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced by the leader in digital photography software features. It has a built capacity and style , making it more efficient to share pictures with near and dear ones makes .

2nd, WhatsApp Messenger is a popular smartphone messenger available for Android and other smartphones. It uses a 3G or WiFi messages with friends and family. Users like to use SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio and video messages. This is the latest chat application used by millions of users for a variety of ages .

3rd, Cloudee : This is the work of set-top box maker Boxee : a storage and sharing videos, and organize them into collections. In YouTube works and can be integrated into Facebook , is equal Cloudee where videos can be downloaded and viewed on PCs, phones and tablets .

4th Goodreads : Tap into the world's largest social network for readers with the Goodreads Android app . One can easily read thousands of book reviews from friends and other members of Goodreads keep a virtual library, and read that the construction should be read as a list of great books on the app experience . This is a free service for all those who have added more than 300 million pounds and 8.5 million members.

5th, Evernote : Evernote is an easy to use, free application , mind you , while allowing all devices use . With this application , you can record ideas are organized and productivity excel. Evernote Taking pictures used to take notes do lists , record voice notes and messages makes these notes completely easy to find , either at home or at work.

Android applications will benefit businesses and customers. It increases the visibility, accessibility , loyalty, relationship. They solve problems, get stuck in spam folders . It also improves social networking strategies to generate repeat business. It has tools that are driving the new economy of web applications. Popular companies like Amazon , eBay , Target and Gap, have begun to promote their brands and products with mobile apps a few years ago . Slowly , small businesses will be quickly followed suit this popular not . The app car all industries , it included car dealerships , hair salons, real estate agents and many others. Since these mobile applications are affordable and effective way to reach customers these days .

You can get benefits with Android because of its excellent features like instant access to information , you can easily follow directions to any place where they are , recall their next period maintenance may be submitted , use the calendar , automatic programming, recording next appointment , etc. All this is now possible with Android. It makes life simple and easy with its personalized and comprehensive functions. Features, the phones screen goes to a "super- phone " makes the world of mobile applications. Companies hire Android app developer of large firms developing applications for a share of the pie growing Android.

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