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Huawei Ascend Y200 Review

Huawei devices in the Pakistani market recently. Huawei Ascend Y200 is the cheapest of the lot . Ascend Y200 is a reasonable phone despite targeting the mass market. Take a look at specs before undertaking a detailed review :
    Android 2.3 Gingerbread
    3.5 " 480 × 320 pixel capacitive touchscreen
    262k colors
    3.2 MP camera
    800 MHz processor
    512 MB ​​ROM , 256 MB RAM
    Wi- Fi b / g / n
    Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    MicroSD card supporting up to 32GB
    USB 2.0
    GPS / AGPS
    Proximity sensor
    Ambient light sensor

Huawei Ascend Y200 is packed in a standard rectangular box , it contains the usual content, namely:

    Huawei Ascend Y200
    Data cable (which is connected to the charger)

Build & Design
Huawei Y200 has been beautifully built and you do not get the feeling that with a cheap Chinese handset when your hands for the first time on camera . The unit is well built and the Chinese manufacturer has given attention to detail that the edges are rounded and the design of the back cover ensures that the phone does not slip in your hands.

Y200 has a " 480 × 320 pixel capacitive touch screen 3.5 with the ability to display 262K colors. There are many top real estate and bottom of the screen that have either been cut or used in a better way lost . Huawei is written in capital letters on the top of the screen , which is just below the earpiece grille slightly protruding . at the bottom of the screen are three touch buttons to know. Back, Start and parameters for the search button , which is usually Android 2.3 smartphone is missing .

The top of the phone has a 3.5mm audio slot and the power button on the upper left, which is a bit strange, since most phones have a button at the top right . Netherlands is other than the range of micro-USB cable and a small hole is empty microphone. The right side of the unit is empty, while the left has a volume rocker , which is difficult to get used to, as we used the phone with volume control and power on the right side .

The back of the phone is a plastic cover that was designed to ensure a better grip , while adding to the robustness of the phone , as he took a few shots before cracks appear . Top center of the back is a 3.2 - megapixel camera with dual slot speakers on the right and directly under the camera is sitting on a printed top Huawei Huawei logo in all written
User Interface
The user interface is featured in Y200 is very good, the lock screen has a lock symbol in a circle in the middle of the screen that can be moved in four directions to unlock the phone. Drag to the right unlocks the phone normally, pulling to the left will take you directly to the messages. Drag the lock icon to open the top and bottom of the camera and calls lists. Name of the operator by a digital clock and date display is then displayed on top of the lock screen . The status bar appears above everything else , which is useful in various posts.

The first glance at the interface reminded me that Go Launcher animations while swiping screens is certainly animations Go Launcher available. There are five home screens which can be slid to the side. The main screen has a nice time clock that does not have the animation of HTC Sense Weather Clock is indeed very good , it can be instantly updated by pressing the refresh icon and a full version by clicking anywhere on the weather brought part of the clock . Weather data provided by AccuWeather , and thus display more information on the site weater Battery . Five locations in his time , which can be slipped over the side to see a preview of the full weather. There are four links to purchase shares at the bottom of the home screen , menu, email , telephone and internet , it is still a series of four icons to be changed immediately drop slide .

The view helicopter can be caused by pinching the home screen , but it can not by pressing the touch home button , when it is brought to the home screen rather strange that . The view from the helicopter is an overview can be done only as nothing in this mode, the screen order will not be changed so that it makes pretty useless . Click on the link in the menu brings the menu, which is divided into three screens by default, while others will be added as the app number increases. Applications can be viewed by dragging sideways , but we did not find a new option to quickly find a plethora of application, and there was an option to reorganize the applications in a grid. There are two links at the bottom of the menu from the list of applications, one of which is the home page and other link is a shortcut to the settings. Applications reordering is easy if the parameters are used shortcut, all applications go to a quivering state as an iPhone and can then organize new drag and drop to the will of user applications can be uninstalled by typing once if chills tap in the state , and then click OK on the next screen.

The user interface leaves much to be desired , Huawei Ascend Y200 falls into the same category as HTC Explorer and Samsung Galaxy Y (Rs 12,000-15,000 ) , so it should be the brightness of HTC Sense, and a user who uses HTC Sense sooner willing to pay a little larger for a much better user interface instead of an ordinary interface with a larger screen .

Huawei Y200 has all the connection options a user needs in Pakistan. Wi- Fi (b / g / n) , Bluetooth and GPRS are all there. Bluetooth connects to GPRS perfectly without any problems and speed depend totally used by the operator , but the Wi -Fi reception is not up to the high standards set by other functions of the phone. I compared the Wi -Fi signal with the signals of the phone, the HTC Explorer and HTC Windows Phone device by placing the three side-by -side was picked up , took the essence of Y200 signals were significantly lower than those picked as both HTC Huawei Y200 showed a signal over three HTC devices. That said, there was no significant difference in the internet speed as I can download a 10 MB file in almost the same time the lower signal is only important if I go to my wireless router , which Y200 catch n was not a Wi- Fi signal and my HTC devices continue to function well. The integrated browser (Mozilla ) is good and can be accounted for surfing.

Ascend Y200 performs very well as far as it relates to sound quality , the sound is loud and clear and hands is included free in all performs better than it looks , can you hear songs , fun and can be hands-free brand, if you really like listening to music on your phone.

Huawei Y200 has a 3.2 megapixel camera without flash. Snaps are pressing the button on the screen, because it involves no hardware button for the camera. The pictures that are taken during the day quite well , but they are taken in low light below average as expected because Flash is not there . Y200 has a stock Android Gallery , which offers features such as slide show, share it on Facebook , Google+ , News, Picasa, etc. Bluetooth and set a picture as wallpaper or as a contact picture . A hardware button the camera would have been a nice addition.
Calling and messaging
Call quality is excellent, Y200 provides crystal clear sound in the implementation of the basic function of the phone call that the total is available in some devices on the market today forgotten. The stock dialer is beautiful and well arranged, the function keys . You can dial a number automatically start punching keys as the phone name and any other information that you punch the keys to this fast and accurate .

The stock messaging app is nice, but it was recommended to switch to an alternative such as Handcent SMS or Go SMS Pro. However, the keyboard has a second class feels well and should be revised according to the expected quality in high -end devices and keyboards Huawei Huawei competitors. Another key to the Android Play Store can easily solve this problem.

Contacts & SNS integration
SNS integration is the second feature that attracts users from the user interface to a phone , but unfortunately there is a glaring lack of SNS integration into the phone. Contacts from different sources , namely , telephone , Google, Facebook may be attached , but you can not aggregate social updates directly associated with the contact from the contact itself , you need to see the updates separate current day . The lack of a great user interface and SNS integration is a big turn-off .

The contact application inventory is appropriate and allows the connection of contacts, but unfortunately does not offer connecting contacts to find the same phone numbers and names , as do most smart phones manufactured by other companies. This only adds to the frustration when you set up your phone and must be manually as well as thousands of contacts, which is why I did not sync with my main Gmail account , which is a directory of contacts over 1000 has contacts , I simply created another and added a handful of contacts, to avoid the hassle .
Huawei Y200 supports Google Play and complete any application to be supported by their characteristics, can be installed. Application streaming is a nice addition as aggregate instead of updated applications like Tweetdeck are used by the major social networks . Another nice app " All backup " saves your contacts, restoring messages , alarms, e -mail accounts , calendar, notepad , applications and even music playlists on the SD card then . This is a great feature , and can be very useful if one phone to another Huawei. The backup can be scheduled and applications can be selected before performing a backup.

Instant Upload is enabled by default , it automatically downloads new pictures and videos to a private web album , you must either be available in Wi- Fi auto -upload , or turn it off if you have a limited data plan benefit .
The settings menu has symbols that recall older versions of Android. It is interesting to note that the model number in Settings> About phone mentioned U8655 -1 instead of Y200 and hardware information of the phone is simply absent from this menu is a big question mark Huawei assertion a 800 MHz processor .

Ascend Y200 is not as far as the battery is concerned, and for two days when they used disappoint 5-6 hours with Wi- Fi by the availability of day. This is a real plus, since other devices do not last longer in the same price range one day.

Sunlight legibility is very poor, because the screen is reflective and , at the announcement of the next version of the phone that will Y201 according to our understanding and Huawei and boast a 4.0 GHz processor with 1 Ice Cream Sandwich Android . The screen is an inch - pressure solenoid and starts printing immediately , it should be even with the introduction of successor Y200 .
Huawei Ascend Y200 added competition in the smartphone market Android mass series in Pakistan. The construction and design of the device is far superior to that of other Chinese mobile phones - provided based businesses available, but those early days yet , and consumers will take some time for them to differentiate brands low end and assign him as one of the top brands on the market.

    Solid build quality and beautiful design
    Android 2.3 Gingerbread
    3.5 " 480 × 320 pixel capacitive touchscreen
    800 MHz processor
    512 MB ​​ROM , 256 MB RAM
    Wi- Fi b / g / n
    Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    Call Quality Crisp
    12 month warranty Airlink

    Wi -Fi antenna Low
    IU unimpressive
    Not SNS integration
    Poor sunlight legibility
    No Gorilla Glass protection
    No dedicated key

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