Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nokia Lumia 2520 Review

The space of the Windows RT tablet heats as Nokia prepares to enter the fray in 2520 with its Lumia tablet. Well, " warm " and " enter the arena " may be gross overreaction , but Nokia is now the sixth mark (including Microsoft) to bring out a Windows-based RT device. RT has not exactly been the success Microsoft hoped it would be , but with the introduction of another piece of hardware that uses software low-cut , he could find an audience for it.

The Nokia 2520 is a 10.1in tablet that looks a bit similar to the surface 2 , but it is by no means the same . For starters, the surface 2 has a 10.6in screen , and it works a NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor with Tegra GeForce 4 graphics . Nokia Lumia 2520 , on the other hand, has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Adreno 800 graphics processor 330 . There is 2 GB of installed RAM , and storage capacity is 32 GB .

The big problem is that the Lumia tablet is designed to reverse the trend of tablets used in the morning and again at night - especially at home. Nokia, in his speech at the launch of Abu Dhabi this tablet , said that 80 percent of tablets on the market are simply not made to be highly mobile devices , mainly because they are free Wi - Fi only. To this end , Nokia has included a 4G LTE module ( a Qualcomm 8974 ) , which means 2520 Lumia can be permanently connected to the Internet. With the inclusion of LTE , Nokia wants 2520 to be a computer all day Lumia , and it may well be possible if the life of the battery is good enough. It has a 8000 mA battery - time , but we do not know how long it takes until we do a full review.

Another important aspect of the Lumia 2520 (which will affect the battery life ) is the screen. This is a Full HD (1920x1080) panel with IPS technology , but Nokia says it has been designed to be readable in all kinds of conditions - including outdoors in bright environments . To counter the sun, the screen has a brightness of 650 nits (ie peak brightness) , and Nokia also says it has the lowest reflectance of any tablet screen on the market. It is protected from scratches by Gorilla Glass 2 .

Here are some other things we know about the Nokia Lumia 2520 :

• running Windows RT 8.1
• Zeiss and has a camera of 6.7 megapixels
• the battery can be charged to 80 percent of the capacity in one hour
• Nokia Maps are integrated HERE
• Tablet can be paired with the Nokia Power keyboard, which has its own battery, a protective cover , and two USB 2.0 ports
• Microsoft Office and Outlook are pre-installed

The physical design of the tablet is also slightly curved towards the edges , rather than square , which Nokia says makes it lighter and more comfortable to hold.

Despite running the light version of Windows , we think this is an interesting device and I can not wait to test it when it hits our shores - mainly because we are fans of Nokia hardware.

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