Friday, January 3, 2014

Mobile Advertising 2014 - Predictions and Reasons

Mobile advertising, which practically began with text SMS campaigns and Voice Portals, has evolved to include campaigns using Internet services. 2013 saw huge advances in mobile technologies, which resulted in the mobile advertising threatening the position of Internet advertising office . As the year draws to a close, it is now time to analyze mobile advertising in 2013 and forecast trends Top mobile advertising will look out for in 2014.
Begin by stating the devices that were considered for analysis. The evolving nature of the telecommunications industry has made so many features in play it is easier to decide which devices should or should not be taken into account in a study of mobile advertising. However, after much deliberation, it was finally decided that the analysis must contain Feature Phones , smartphones and tablets. Trends that are likely to be popular were discussed with the reasons for their becoming popular .

Video / ads with rich media
2013 saw an increase in popularity of video ads on the mobile phone holder . Users preferred to watch online videos on their desktops before this . Two important reasons for the change in preferences and found an affinity for watching online videos on mobile include a speed faster mobile Internet and the availability of large mobile screen and tabs. With 3G Internet service is a common feature and now 4G already running, we can have streaming videos without interruption. This is a rare scene to see young people watch the latest videos on their mobile phones to metro , bus, etc. This has created an opportunity for Mobile Video Ads to be incorporated into the most popular videos . The same is true for ads with rich media content . They do not run the risk of taking long periods of time to load on more mobile .

Different ads for different platforms
Even if the mobile phone has always been labeled as a personal device , it is now increasingly used for official purposes too . Tablet PCs or tabs , in particular, can be seen in competition with laptops as preferred by professionals for office work device . Thus, it is very important to know why the camera is used before the shooting ads to it. We have seen that on a global basis , smart phones are used for personal purposes, while the legs are increasingly used for officials. He firmly believes that , since most feature phones newly manufactured also have the ability to surf the Internet , personalized ads should be created for them too. It is also very important to personalize corporate websites for feature phones with smaller screens .

Shorter and Advertisements
The mobile phone is a device that differs from the speed . It is used to ensure that users stay connected while on the move . If other factors such as smaller screens are considered, it is clear that the user will spend less time on Mobile ads ads office. Thus, ad texts have become shorter and simpler and presented for easy understanding.

Advertise locally
Increased stress on Showrooming and ROPO (Research Online & Offline purchase) has increased the importance of local advertising. Users to search for " nearest restaurants ", " nearest mobile stores ", etc. on their mobile phones have made it absolutely important for companies to local advertising. This is especially true for small businesses .

According to IMRB ( Indian Market Research Bureau), Indian companies spent Rs 300 crore in 2013 on mobile advertising. With an expected rate of increase in spending in 2014 being more than 40 % advertising agencies in India would do well to take note of the trends mentioned above.

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