Friday, January 3, 2014

iphone Accessories that must have

Accessories are the best way to praise a phone and when it is a high end phone like an iPhone, then you should not look back anyway. If you have invested more money behind buying the latest model then there is nothing wrong with buying a few accessories to take good care of her. Uniting these few accessories that certainly more comfortable to use the phone for multitasking purposes .

Research shows that in 2013 , Apple's revenue is up 17.7 percent compared with the previous year, which was followed by a sharp increase in demand for iPhone accessories . This shows that people spend a considerable amount of money behind accessories. In the list provided below , you will get an idea about the must have accessories iphone .
Noise Isolation Headphones : The specialty of these headphones is that does not allow the external sound from the surrounding atmosphere to interfere with the music that allows the user to enjoy music . The quality of light and serious excellent sound allow the listener to hear the best music . These headphones are also equipped with answer button and microphone.

Bluetooth in car speaker : Talking on the phone while driving is a risky business , as this has led to many dangerous consequences in the past. When installing the Bluetooth car speaker , you can talk while driving. There is also a voice recognition application installed on this that allows the user to dial a number without actually writing . Therefore, you do not have to take eyes off the road before dialing a number.

Privacy Protection Film : Covering your phone with the film privacy protection allows you to not only protect the screen from damage but also helps hide any information that appears on the screen. Unless the phone is set straight anyone can view the information.

Pen Case : There are many cases where the iphone is accidentally slips out of control and cause damage by developing a crack on the screen or dysfuntioning leading to any of the phone. In order to save your phone from such damage can attach a feather case . The case is 1 mm thick and is strong enough to provide maximum protection to your phone .
IHome iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers: It is very difficult to carry large size speakers ever . You can carry in your purse , laptop bag or a suitcase. The magnetic low helps fit two speakers . When the battery runs out , you can connect to your computer and upload them.

In addition to the above accessories , you can also get a clock radio that provides the dual benefit of listening to the radio while maintaining a tap in time. One of the most interesting features of the watch is the eight types of brightness settings . Moreover, there are plenty of snooze buttons with which you can stop the alarm.

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