Friday, September 6, 2013

Android Market Vs. Apple App Store

Gone are the days when we thought that it would be impossible to beat for any other mobile application store , the Apple App Store, but with the recent success of Android has changed the equations . More ' n' more companies or businesses closer to Android Development in India Professional business experts and analysts see strong growth in the Android Market in the near future .
According to a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipment grew by almost 47 % in the second quarter of 2013. Android has a record market share of 80 %, while iOS is at its historic low of 14%. These figures show that Android will dominate the market for the application for a long time .

The question is: " Why the Apple App Store, Android Market replaces " Well, there are many reasons behind it. In this article we will see why the Android Market is now in power in the market applications.

Here are the reasons why the Android Market has a clear advantage on the Apple App Store :

Enter the Android Market is much easierWe all know Apple's rigid nature when it comes to deciding on the applications . The strict rules for developers to get their applications approved in the App Store was the least among developers . Sure, they have revised their developer license agreement , but the developers are confronted authorized fixed costs to their applications with problems.

Apart from all this , Apple has never sticks to its rules and regulations, and there are some areas for the presentation of the application , which has become a problem for developers.

On the other hand, it is very easy for developers to get their approval to market with Android applications with its easy rules and regulations for the presentation app . This is something that makes Android more popular among developers in relation to the Apple App Store .

The ability to make enough money with " in-app advertising "Of course, the Android Market is full of " free " applications , but many people think that the chances of a developer to decrease to earn a little money. However, it is not the truth . With the help of in-app advertising , developers can easily earn some money smart. In addition, Google is trying to allow users to buy within the applications , enabling developers to generate more revenue.

Developer & friendly market
Development and obtain an approved application stores most popular applications is a dream for any developer. Creating a compelling application is not a toy for children. A developer spends months to make , but sometimes developers feel unfriendly attitude towards them app stores . Apple itself can be used for rules development tools to develop applications for iOS .

On the other hand , Android developers never before these questions for the submission of applications in the Android Market . Android believe in transparency , developers can deploy high-quality applications .

Aside from that, Google is trying to improve the payment system Android to offer more options for developers and customers.

There is no doubt that Apple products are very popular in the United States and the rest of the world , but recent market share both the app market show huge Android Market Apple is the future, and it dominated the market for applications for a long time !

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