Monday, September 30, 2013

Microsoft just going to buy Nokia

Microsoft just going to buy Nokia . Some people saw this a mile away and it was discussed on the internet for donkeys years, but what are the real consequences of this latest mobile takeover?

At first glance, it is difficult to see how to change things for both companies. Microsoft is aware that pumping money and support from Nokia as the largest Windows Phone speaker for a long while. While this probably means more cash flow that Microsoft is now more able to justify such a preference , even when she speaks , like Google with Motorola , a lack of preferential treatment. Hello Moto X. Hello surface Lumia phone.

I do not judge , it seems quite reasonable , I go as business workers . Nokia certainly need financial help and maybe he will be able , the boundaries even more innovation in terms of the unit .

But what really straight to the heart of the matter - were for some time the Nokia mobile phones are among the best on the market in terms of design and materials , and it is probably one of the manufacturers of the most innovative phones already . Pure View camera technology is amazing , the company uses the latest Qualcomm chipsets and an excellent set of materials and display technology is also quite convincing.

I am aware that I am always a parody of me when I systematically evaluates all Nokia release as "very good, outside of Windows Phone ," but I 'm not the only one who thinks this, and although Nokia is a leader in the Windows Phone , the platform itself is still off to be taken seriously on the mobile market at large.
Spring Cleaning
So the problem is Microsoft itself and Windows Phone 8 platform . If Microsoft wants to capitalize on the acquisition of Nokia, it will take you to their house in order first. Change no amount of innovation before its acquisition by Nokia would this fact and no amount of innovation will continue to be under the guidance of Microsoft - the change has to come from Redmond .

So what 's going on with Windows Phone ? What to fix Microsoft pretty sharpish to win the interest of consumers , he needs so desperately needs ?

The app ecosystem obvious error for Windows Phone is already less of a problem these days. He still much less than the iOS and Android apps , but most of the basics are covered , although some applications to take their time to make their way to Windows Phone continue to make , there are many big names that come too quickly. Most holes have been closed, and it is generally looks pretty for wholesale purposes .

Start small is a list of the settings that are made Windows Phone in order to comply with the competitors. Even Apple iOS Android 7 followed by the addition some of these features , and Microsoft personnel have been added , some of them were planned , but did not make the cut. This recovery has to happen sooner or later .

Windows Phone GDR3 :
GDR3 Windows Phone is coming soon and discuss some points - Support Full HD 1080p display quad-core processors, but probably none of these changes are absolutely necessary. Android itself is to see that the arms race in decline and consumers are less disturbed by the number of cores or higher than 720p resolutions.

Even more important than adding more cores requires Microsoft to ensure the potential of each multi-core support , including dual-core support for existing , can be used to actually support true multitasking . Once Apple iOS returned 7 include a good multi-tasking Windows Phone Configuration quickly went to the back of the queue in terms of multitasking goes .

Another important addition would be a center of the messages. This is Microsoft 's own people shortly after the unveiling of Windows Phone 8, that this function has been approved "on the list " so to speak , but he has not made ​​the cut in time. We were told that he did not follow , and yet it never is. Microsoft needs to address this problem.

Also, the menu is a " Quick Settings in a must , or at least the ability to use certain features switches , such as mobile data services , Wi -Fi and Bluetooth , to the home screen as Live Tiles pin. Third-party applications already , but as always , it would be far better to get such basic functions in the native part of the platform .

People Hub Microsoft is also ripe for review. It is a good idea, but poorly executed indiscriminately to do with BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry stroke a better job of aggregating all communication platforms. Currently, there is not enough support beam to the People hub , you can not send messages seamlessly across multiple channels at the same time , there is always a gap between services.
The riddle Google :
Part of the problem will be brought directly in connection with another flagrant foul, and it is one that can not necessarily be entirely placed on the door of Microsoft. Namely developing the reluctance of Google and integrate their own applications and services with Windows Phone.

I 'm not sure what Microsoft can do here , Apple does not have this problem because it is considered important that pulls the huge market share of the iPhone Command and iPads from Google because Apple was already well established and it is better for Google a visible have presence and produce a level of income in the iOS ecosystem.

Microsoft's Windows Phone , coming to the end and downs, do not enjoy the same luxury . Google can hostage for how Windows Phone will not sell phones no particular reason for Google to develop applications for the Microsoft platform , and will be hard to convince them to do.
The only thing Microsoft can really do something , he ( and all those who want to compete in the smartphone space ) should do it anyway , copy and Samsung sign a blank check for its marketing department. Show enough heads that maybe no matter the lack of Google Apps or local messages and it will hardly make a difference if it otherwise has all the apps or not , Google approval.

The difference is that the massive marketing expenditures Samsung has had a significant impact on sales, although I would say that Samsung and its products are not particularly innovative. We also found that the pace of change is glacial Apple .

Nokia, as I said , is really innovative , so if it produces the required visibility on top of that , it could go very far.

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