Friday, December 28, 2012

Hands-free Texting Technology

Since you do everything that the handsfree function these days, it is only logical that you have to consider the possibility of sending SMS and handsfree mode. There are a number of reasons why someone would prefer to use a text message instead of a call classic, but that does not necessarily mean that you place your fingers on the keyboard!
The dangers of text messaging while driving
If you drive your car, is the last thing you want to be distracted. Your attention will be focused only on the road, make sure that you obey all signs and possible accidents. Distractions of cell phones, adjusting the radio and other similar technologies represent many skirmishes, what we see on the streets today. This is the main reason why the cell phone law in California and similar were adopted. You need to keep your hands on the wheel.

When you think about driving safety and cell phones, most people get a driver fitting with a phone to the ear jabbering away from this thing or that thing, imagine no attention to the risks of the road. Worse than talking while driving but SMS while driving. We have invested in a number of different devices for hands-free, but very few people have considered the possibility of a solution handsfree text messages. They exist, they just do not happen to be as common as a standard Bluetooth headset.
Handsfree Texting Technology
You probably Reports say that one can kill SMS. Not only driver not stay focused on the driving task, they may have one or two hands on their phones. Sending text messages instead of directing their vehicles This can lead to a time dangerous if the vehicle is moving, and if it is off. You may think you have enough time to send a red light because you are well versed in the art of the text message abbreviations, but a speakerphone SMS solution may be a better choice if you need SMS.
Yap is a mobile application that can effectively translate your voice to text, making it a great way to dictate your messages without placing a finger on your telephone keypad. Although it may not be as accurate as a secretary to dictate your letter to a business partner, Yap is an application for the fully automated cell phones that can be very effective.

Yap is more so that the reverse process can also occur designed. Besides working as a hands-free solution for outgoing SMS, it can also convert text-to-speech to read incoming messages aloud to you in a robotic voice. Yap is widely regarded as a solution for text messaging market, but it can be also adapted. With instant messaging programs, mobile blogging, Facebook updates, and so to continue working It is also sponsored as a free download because it generates income through contextual advertising.
Microsoft Sync
Since the majority of your hands free SMS will be in the car, it only makes sense that we see a solution from Microsoft Sync system. Available on a variety of Ford, Microsoft Sync is designed to be an all-inclusive in-car entertainment be. It manages the various sources of music that is you feed him, he will route your incoming calls to cell car speakers, and it can also be a function of speech-to-text for text messages.One speakerphone most popular mobile phones handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone for the car, but most people see these systems as a way on the phone without talking owned their phones. With the advancement of speech to text and text-to-speech technologies, they will be able to text messages and e-mails in a hands-free mode.
Another way to get your hands free SMS solution Mobivox. Mobivox the "Send Message" mobile service works just like how you will be using. Just like the two systems mentioned above, it is capable of the words you speak into text, which can then transcribe sent as an SMS message. This transformation also works for sending e-mails as well.The difference here is that the service is not free Mobivox, but it does not require the installation of special software. Instead, you pay about 49 cents for each outgoing message. That may not be much money, but it can add quite quickly. Use with discretion. It should also be noted that Mobivox based in Montreal, this service on an international level and all you have to do is call the access number to use their service to offer.

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