Thursday, December 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

It is difficult to play the lightning-fast Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as long as you dont mind huge things in big packages. If you are a phablet the best one out there - not even look at anything else.

Note 2 is very thin with only 9-mm, but the height and width of a twin-turn. In a little less than 6 inches high, it looks like a super-size version of Galaxy S3, and you'll keep it a little silly to your ear look. But the large size reflects the tremendous power.

Note 2 is a powerhouse communication & entertainment center as powerful. It has a Super AMOLED 5.5 inches - one of the most vibrant and colorful as we have seen. It is absolutely gigantic, if you are fond to watch videos & movies - so detailed and sharp, you forgot transport to a cellphone. But it also means that if you want something to fit in your pocket, this is not the best device.
A 720-by-1, 280 resolution and a true 16:9 aspect ratio, Note 2 a few pixels less than the original note, the clocks in at 800-by-1, 280 But you will not see the 80 missing pixels, the images crisp and clear images from every angle, making it ideal for use on a crowded subway, a hand or flat swings on a counter.

Led the original note "S Pen" stylus Samsung software combination that allows you to write and draw with pressure sensitivity. Samsung is presented as more accurate than other input methods, but the results were mixed. Now, an updated S Pen for Note 2, it is easier to write with a variety of sizes of the pen. Moreover, you do not really need to be touched with the stylus on the screen - "Air View" you can by going to the pen on the screen. This means that you do some cool stuff, how hard things happen on the screen - a screen capture motion - ideal if you want to show a demonstration without the view. You can also take notes on photos and pictures, making it a fully digital notebook.

The 8-megapixel camera takes clear, vivid images and documents 1080p High Definition video - on par with the original note. You can focus with the touch of the screen, and illuminate dark environments with LED flash powerful jumps. All Galaxy S3 filters are also included pictures of Best, the. Of images in rapid succession, and brings out the best, face detection and panorama If you are into photography, you can enjoy the ISO and exposure settings. But a slow shutter speed means that you do not miss the photo shoot unexpectedly. There is a second 1.9-megapixel lens for video chat. It is functional and not particularly noteworthy.

Note 2 is also one of the first devices to run on Android 4.1, nicknamed "Jelly Bean". Fort butter Project Google, Android is also smoother and easier to navigate than ever before. It is also the best version yet, but feel the operating system Google continues as the reorganization is not as true innovative interface, with generic-ite. Android 4.1 is not a platform for evil. The new notification area is a great improvement, and the voice is much better. And now Google, "cards" recorded flight data, weather, events and even sports scores for a convenient interface. Simple improvements add up to a big change, but Jelly Bean and do not have this feature of the game that changes behind competitors iOS is set - and even Windows 8 - on innovation.

Anyway burn Note 2 comes with a 1.6 GHz quad-core chip - one of the fastest on the market - and 2-gigabytes of RAM, a smooth application, no matter how many in the ground. With such a large screen, it will eat power faster. Fortunately, Samsung has included a whopping 3100 mAh lot of juice, enough to last you for two days of meaningful use. If you are heavy on applications and multimedia, you can expect a little more than a day. Motorola Maxx HD is short, it can not be better than that.

Note 2 is a unique product, even if it is a full-featured phone, the most attractive qualities are rooted in their ability to form tablets. This is a great device for media consumption on the street and a web browser are equally proficient. The digital pen can Notes pleasure if S Pen is not the easiest to use. So if you're a doodler or a laptop, it's a fun gadget. But if you want a phone everyday, 2 Note may be difficult, and a month later you might regret the waist. So keep it slips into your pocket, try it - make sure you see it in the first person.

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