Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HTC Desire C review

Construction and high style is a trademark HTC and HTC Desire C is no different. While HTC Several - including HTC One X One and HTC HTC SV One - Android enthusiastic fans there is a huge market for the first time Android users who are upgrading a smartphone for the first time, and they require a good looking smartphone and a decent user Experience.

Samsung has tried and failed miserably with the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, and everything in the Sony Xperia U, stray fingers tapping new consumer Android. The HTC Desire has a C major challenge

There is much to say about the attention to detail and great design. The HTC Desire is both C and works with beginners in mind, Android.
Instead of throwing the kitchen sink at the Technical dinky smartphone and hope that the faithful Android note the inclusion of the bells and whistles you, HTC has a measured approach and is one of the few manufacturers to manage Android 4.0 on the standard size smartphone.
HTC Desire C Build
You will immediately notice the lack of a flash on the beautiful white (or black) unibody design, but the weight of 100g feels just right in your hand. Have the solid construction and subtle curves are the hallmarks of the style HTC. They are not just your average stature and HTC HTC Desire is C rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 look like cheap toys in comparison.

The volume rocker is back in the right side of the phone is while the microSD card slot behind the front of the phone, next to the battery surprisingly bright red internal color matching. Again, it's the attention to detail that really feels the HTC Desire smartphone like a C function.
HTC Desire C Features
The real difference is in front of competitors on the screen - it is 3.5 inches and has a resolution of 320 x 480, but is lighter and has better viewing angles than smartphones with a similar specification. Android 4.0 works well with a 600Mhz processor and average HTC Sense interface 4 works perfectly.

NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 features are nice additions, but largely unnoticed for many users. The 5-megapixel camera is a sale even clearer for the consumer and HTC has made sure that this is a good thing. The lack of Flash is a problem, but it is very fast and uses a variety of shooting modes that mimic the functions of HTC Instagram, such as sepia, solarize and negative.

Beats Audio technology is not very useful without beats (bog standard headphones before Apple HTC style in the box), but the 4GB memory and MicroSD card slot make the HTC Desire C is another great music phone HTC - it handles virtually any music (and movie) file formats. Like all HTC phones, you also get a 2 year subscription to 25GB DropBox free.
HTC Desire C  Screen
The 320 x 480 pixel resolution is not the highest around, but the 3.5-inch screen is bright, clear and usable at all angles. The response time is excellent and works near the edge of the body and is not deep, as some smartphones low price embedded.

The screen will pick up a lot of fingerprints, in part because of low housing - enter the phone number means that your fingers on the screen resting instead on the sides.
HTC Desire C: Performance
The use of a relatively low power 600 MHz processor to power Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4 works surprisingly well. Flicking between apps and menus quickly and the only sign of a slowdown that we saw were complex web pages and a large PDF.

Use AnTuTu application performance benchmarks, the HTC Desire C recorded the 1992nd In comparison, the HTC have seen £ 230 AV Management 2458, but we smartphones with a bigger score for the fight HTC Desire C to fly faster through menus and applications.

4 HTC Sense makes everything different daily use and the camera is fast and fun, what. Many users who want C HTC Wildfire Call quality was good and the internal speaker offered his fair when placed face down.
HTC Desire C Battery
You can wait for a day and a half with the 1230 mAh removable battery that the HTC Desire C in the high-end cards means battery life against the smaller smartphones - the exception is the impressive Motorola Defy Mini.

HTC Desire C Verdict
The biggest rival HTC Desire C faces is ironically the HTC AV, which costs a little more, but stimulates the screen size, processor, and for about £ 50 extra. If a decent performance palm size is the key phone, the HTC Desire C is an excellent choice with quality construction skills and Android 4.0 on the field.

There is no doubt that the HTC Desire C value for money, but it is the prospect of larger screen, which ultimately deter you could purchase from. Take a look at the review HTC One V and see what suits you best ...

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