Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Phone Repair - Fixing a Damaged Cell Phone

Phones go everywhere with us. Sometimes they say to go to the pool, or press the cement, or get caught in a rainstorm. Although the mobile phone insurance offers inexpensive repairs, there are several do it yourself techniques for repairing phone, time, money and effort to send save the phone.

Before any advice, read the warranty and insurance forms carefully. Sometimes disappears company guarantees if you change the phone. If this is the case, take the phone to the shop for repair. It costs more money, but you do not want to risk damage to your phone without replacement cover.

Water Damage
Mobile phone water damage is not the end of the world. In fact, there are many quick fixes that you can try. Before trying anything, turn off your phone and remove the battery.

Dismantling: Some mobile phone users recommended to disassemble the phone and allow to dry before assembling. However, this is probably not the best way, if you are not technically savvy.
Hairdryer: Note that melts plastic! If you use a hair dryer to get rid of the water, keep the dryer on the phone.
Desiccant: Rice starch, silica and corn are all drying agents. Place the phone in a container filled with the dryer and let it sit overnight in the phone. Note that corn gets stuck in small crevices, so it is perhaps not ideal.
Dry Bags: Several companies sell bags for drying phones. They are more expensive than rice, but the evidence shows that 48 hours in this gadget works better than rice.
Cracked screens
Phone screens are made of several layers, so that the repair of a crack is not as easy as just jump off the screen and replace it. Unfortunately, the best way to repair a cracked iPhone screen it from the manufacturer, which is the screen repair while you wait.

Several companies sell kits to repair yourself. The kits vary in price and has dozens of screws and tools. If you are comfortable with your skills assembly and feel the patience of Job is the cheapest option, to repair a broken iPhone screen. However, your phone will not work until the parts arrive.

No charge
If your phone is not charging properly, there are several phone numbers of repair. It may be something with the phone, battery, charger, power cord or plug.

First, move the charger into an outlet.

If this does not resolve the problem, use a different charger. This will tell you if the problem is with the phone or the charger.

Next, determine if the problem is with the phone or the battery. Insert a new test (or borrowed) and the battery. If the new battery is charging, the battery is the age of the offender. In this case, buying a new battery.

If the new battery is not charging, the phone does not read the battery correctly. Take the phone to the manufacturer for repair.

Instead of waiting for an accident to happen and will be proactive in safely protecting your phone.

Buy a solid case that protects against water and falls. Although more expensive than phone cases on average, you'll save money on repairs.
Do not keep your phone in your pants. Thus, the phone usually ends up in the washing machine or served (or is, if you're not a fan of laundry off).
Do not allow your phone to the pool or to the beach to take. This request simply a water damaged phone.
Do not hold your phone on the table while eating, as you spill your drink.
Do not leave your phone in your car. Prolonged exposure to heat and cold damage electronics.
Wait until the battery went all the way before recharging. Then, leave the phone in the charger until it is fully charged. This saves the life of your battery, and you can not charge your phone to avoid in the future.
Make sure you do not damage your phone, so you do not need expensive repair mobile phone.


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