Friday, December 28, 2012

World Cell Phone Usage Laws

As you book your flights and book your hotel room for an upcoming vacation or business trip, you should take the time to examine why certain laws of the world use different mobile phones that can s' apply to your destination. Just like any other set of laws can vary from one country to another substance, the same can be said when it comes to mobile phone laws.
Using a cell phone while driving
Even within the United States, the exact laws surrounding the use of cell phones while driving a motor vehicle can be very different from state to state. For example, it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving in the state of California, but it may be perfectly legal in another state.

In Canada, you can face severe penalties and fines if you are found using a cell phone while driving a car in Vancouver. Similarly, there are prohibitions in force in Quebec and Newfoundland as well. These fines can be more than $ 100 and include not only voice calls but text messaging and other uses of smartphones and cell phones.
Cell Phone Usage Laws Around the World
Some countries prohibit the use of cell phones while driving, but it may be perfectly legal to use a speakerphone handsfree Bluetooth instead. In other countries, you can not be allowed to use a cell phone while if you use a Bluetooth headset. In this way, it is important to consider the laws that are specific to the part of the world you plan to visit.

Some countries that ban cell phone use while driving. The list is not exhaustive, do check with local authorities for the most up to date information.

Australia: mobile phone use is prohibited in all States, and those who have a learner's permit or provisional licenses can not use a mobile phone while driving, even hands-free mode. Those with full licenses are allowed to use a headset if they never touch, hold or rest the phone on their body.
Austria: When using a cell phone while driving is forbidden in Austria, the fines are quite small compared to the rest of the world.
Belgium: Drivers are allowed to use a cell phone while stationary, but not stopping the traffic (as would be the case while waiting at a red light).
China: Mobile phones are banned while driving under the government "practice of good conduct" legislation.
Denmark: Denmark ban has been in place since July 1998.
Germany: the country not only prohibits the use of cell phones while driving a motor vehicle (40 euros), but there are so fine for using a cell phone while riding a bicycle (25 euros).
Hong Kong: portable cell phone use is prohibited from driving a motor vehicle.
Ireland: The official rule says that a mobile phone with a "handsfree speaker" is allowed, but the position of Bluetooth wireless headsets is not clear. Consequently, you are not allowed to have a phone turned on in your pocket. Ireland among the highest fines for cell phone use with the first offense warranting a 435 Euro fine, three months in jail and prohibited from driving for six months.
Mexico: There is a ban in place in Mexico City, but generally not in the rest of the country.
Norway: In terms of laws cell phone use world, Norway has some very heavy fines and the burden of more than $ 600 per offense.
South Korea: Mobile phones are not allowed while driving in South Korea. This law has been in force since July 2001.

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